These Nigerian Men SWALLOWED $156,000 In Cash; You Wont Believe It But It’s True


You’re now welcome to the era of swallowing money. These guys have taken chopping money to a new literal dimension. While drug dealers are still swallowing cocaine and heroin, these guys are swallowing money.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) nabbed a money laundering crew after they swallowed $156,000.00 in cash they planned to take to Brazil. They were busted at Excel Oriental Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos while they were actually swallowing the money.


According to a statement by the agency, the men arrested were Nwokenta Kingsley aka Buchito (37) a Bureau de change operator, Onwuasoanya Augustine Chukwuemeka (54) who lives in Brazil, Christian Okoli Ifor (35) also based in Brazil, Nwokenta Emmanuel Maduakolam (31), Ezenwa Uzoma (33) hotel manager of Excel Oriental and Ezenwa Ikenna (28) who was the one that wrapped all the money.


At the time they were caught, Augustine Chukwuemeka had already swallowed about 74 wraps amounting to $111,000 while Chistian Okoli was about to start swallowing the remaining wraps which amounted to $45,000.

The NDLEA have said that Buchito is the brains behind the whole operation, and hired Ezenwa Ikenna to do the wrapping for his crew to swallow.

I’m just wondering what would’ve happened if someone had to poop in the plane, shat the money out, and flushed it down accidentally. Man the things we do for real.


  1. It is high time you stop publishing without sense, fine they could swallow money, but how possible is one to swallow 10,000 dollar notes (100,000 USD). Wrap it any how you want, pls do the maths. If NDLEA is trying to impress President Buhari, do it intelligently


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