#TheList President Buhari Is About To Release His List Of Ministerial Appointments and Nigerians Are Waiting


Has there been a more anticipated list of ministerial appointments in Nigeria? The answer is probably not. 

President Buhari has said that the list of ministers is ready, and he has submitted the highly anticapted list to the Senate, which resumes from its six-week break, today.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, the list is said to have the names of people like former Rivers State Governor, Mr Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi; a former president of the Nigerian Bar Association, Rotimi Akeredolu; former Army Chief, Lt-Gen. Abdurrahman Dambazzau, and activist lawyer, Femi Falana, among others.

Why is this list so highly anticapated? Like most of his presidency so far, Buhari has been accused by opposition as having tribal sentiments towards the north, so many are waiting to see how diverse the appointments list will be. 

Another reason for many is to see how many alleged corrupts former officials will make the list, and how it will define Buhari’s new presidency and anti corruption campaign.

Even though the list is not out yet, Nigerians are already reacting in anticipation, especially with tomorrow being the last day of September, when Buhari promised the list will be handed to the Senate.


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