The somalia Pirates


somali_pirates1somali-p1When I hear the word “pirates” the image that comes to my mind is the old English sailors in cowboy boots, visible hairy chest showing through their monkey jackets and ragged shirts, A bottle of Jonny Walker dry gin, fishing with their best saltwater spinning reel under $200 and the lady at the off shore inn.

Well the Somali pirates have changed my perception. I also think about the Nigerian college version of fraternity modeled after the Pirates such as The Buccaneers, Vikings and PC. Anyways straight to the point, the Somali Pirates are becoming a reckoning force on the high sea. The Somali have found this industry very lucrative, a report by UK think-tank Chatham House says piracy off the coast of Somalia has cost up to $30m (£17m) in ransoms so far this year.

The study also notes that the pirates are becoming more aggressive and assertive something the initial $22m ransom demanded for MV Faina proves. Somali Pirates consists of Ex-fishermen, who are considered the brains of the operation because they know the sea and Ex-militiamen, who are considered the muscle having fought for various Somali clan warlords. Pirates have proven that their activities on the sea can not be stopped not even by shots from US trained snipers or the presence of the US war ships. Personally I think Somalia has to have a functioning state/ sovereign government before pirates can be countered. What do you think about this new phenomenon?



  1. i know dat and datz even da more reason why they cant be stopped and whether govt. comes or not, datz a new way they found to sustain themseleves. every country is now waking up to challenge the US unilateral motives and they betta be praying so that other superpowers next 2 US doesnt form an alliance aka a multilateral one cuz its gonna be dangerous

  2. At least if a government is established, US can fight the Pirates tru the government, maybe by funding and training their custom personels and navy personel.

  3. its funny how other world powers are letting the United States handle this situation by themselves. when it comes other issues the would remember their veto power.


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