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I encourage everyone to read this note by Eldee Tha Don. The note taken off eldee’s facebook age and touches on his issues with Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign and the misrepresentation of his “Our Time” campaign. See below:

“Integrity requires three steps: discerning what is right and what is wrong; acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost; and saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right from wrong.” – Stephen L Carter

Months ago, before the 2011 voter registration exercise began in Nigeria some of us were very excited as we saw this as an opportunity to effect the much-needed change in our country. I geared up and began non-partisan campaigns aimed at youths in Nigeria to ensure that they register, vote, and protect their votes. I spent at least four to six hours everyday campaigning on social network platforms, TV/Radio, and print media. My team and I did everything we could from explaining the process, to following people on twitter who posted pictures of their registration cards, to giving away cellphone airtime and even went as far as helping local INEC officials with some of the technical difficulties they faced at the commencement of the registration exercise. We are currently working on an incidence reporting initiative to help curb election malpractices. What’s in it for me you might ask…like I tell everyone who has asked me, some of us just really believe in a better Nigeria. If I have the resources to make change, I wont hesitate to put it towards just that. I am Nigerian, I have a daughter who is Nigerian and I would love to see my daughter raised in this country. I am a true patriot and I have consistently promoted the idea that the Nigerian situation can and should improve with the right leadership.

During the voters’ registration campaign, I got together with a few friends and colleagues of mine to discuss ways to increase youth participation in the democratic process of our country using our music platform. During one of those discussions, we came up with the idea to have multiple concerts across the country, which would only be accessed by registered voters. It felt like a great idea because with this initiative, we could all join forces and get more attention from our intended demographic. Household names such as PSquare, D’banj, eLDee, Tuface, MI, Banky W, Naeto C, Sound Sultan, Timaya, Wizkid, Duncan Mighty and the likes, would easily fill up arenas in any city so why not have a free concert that people can only be a part of if they present their voters registration card. To the best of my knowledge, we came up with a tag called “Our time” for the concert series. In order to avoid the initiative being politicized, we agreed to raise funds through non-partisan means alone.

We put little resources together and quickly shot TV commercials since there were only a few days left of the voter registration period. The commercials were immediately published on TV/Internet and it generated a good amount of attention. At the end of the voter registration period, there was overwhelming evidence of the success of the initiative and we all looked forward to entertaining our registered voter fans at the concert series.

Fast forward to March 17, 2011. I am watching television and I see a commercial that looked just like the one we shot for our campaign. It was indeed footage from our voter registration initiative commercial, however this version was manipulated to suit a different purpose. The new edit describes a free concert featuring D’banj, Tuface, MI, eLDee, PSquare, BankyW, Duncan Mighty, Wizkid and others, which supposedly holds in Abuja on March 25, 2011 and totally omits our voter registration campaign initiative. The advert now ends with a different tagline, “supported by Our Time Group, Youths rising up for GEJ.” I immediately had a cold feeling of shock, betrayal, deceit, and misrepresentation because this was the exact opposite of what we created the initiative for. Now I was being touted as a representative of the youth in support of the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan presidential campaign. What’s even more interesting is that Silverbird TV ran this new advert before and after the Dbanj interview with Goodluck Jonathan, as if it were part and parcel of that GEJ campaign initiative. I called all parties involved to express my disapproval and disgust at how anyone would take such an innocent initiative and manipulate it to misrepresent the interest and support of the youth. To my dismay, another slap in the face came in the form of a full-page newspaper advert in The Vanguard of March 22, 2011 with my picture, among others artists, advertising the same GEJ Presidential campaign concert.

It is sad and indeed worrying that people continue to take advantage of good intentions and initiatives for selfish and corrupt purposes. I use this medium to make public that I have never, and even more so now will never be a part of any campaign for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, therefore please do not expect me to be at the supposed concert. Let me be clear, I have nothing against the supposed concert and its participants; I just prefer to be consulted about such a manipulation of interest beforehand. I have never received any money or gift of any kind from any member or supporter of the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan presidential campaign or any presidential campaign for that matter, neither have I volunteered my services in support of any such campaign. I’ll be glad to announce if and when I do but until then, I don’t appreciate my image and likeness being exploited for political purposes without my consent.

Here’s a link to the original “Our time” initiative:

Here’s the new advert as displayed in the vanguard newspapers:


Source: Eldee Facebook Page


  1. This is what i'm talking about… F**k Goodluck and his shady campaign. With his useless wife that cant speak english… hiss.

      • English is the national language.
        I feel you on the "slavery mentality" thing, but what language should she speak, her native language? How many Nigerians would understand her native language?

  2. Evidence of what to come, manipulation of the populace. GEJ stands for the same old leadership we’ve had, Ribadu for progressiveness and Buhari for honesty. Please Nigerian youth, don’t be partisan in your choice of leadership, vote and choose the one to take us forward. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Mehn, i feel Eldee's pain eh…..
    You can feel it in the article…..
    When our so called leaders cannot even ask for the consent of a fellow citizen before making a decision which involves that person then all is lost….. Something so simple yet complicated in its self…..
    Baba we feel u mehn……

  4. once again El,u have proven true 2ur self,ur music,ur nation & ur God!God bless is hard pple,but let copy dis example & stand for our what is right for our yet unborn citizens of dis nation.

  5. I have commented enough on this article. If a man alleges, he should prove. Eldee has done this and satisfied many. Over to the other party.

  6. I respect eldee! But sir it seems as if u were slyed and feel bad abt it. Am guessing dbanj and d rest of dem got paid a good sum, sir will ur sentiments be different if u had also been kept in d loop? From closing paragraph the answer seems to imply a YES! Good initiative, but pple change!

    • So what are u saying? That eldee is upset that he didnt get money?… what kind of rubbish statement is that… you disgust me

  7. @deji he has d right to be pissed; its his idea mehn. He’s got so much proof that he can even sue if he wished, just that our legal system is also many times compromised.

  8. Its rili a pity dat such is hapenin dspite ur gud motives. If d leadership is corupt, wat can d followers do? Eldee kip fightin 4 a beta Nigeria. I blif all d presidential aspirants re nt capable of taking us 2 d promise land, if i ve my way i wont vote. May God help us all.

  9. u guys sure knw wat you doin….y”al gatta b carefull…dis is politics nt entertianment…al i gat 2 say is y”al watch ur backs|face ur game…cheers.

  10. Its got to be one of d artist dat ds, n its quite sad, I can feel ur pain from ds write up. Buts its good u v exonerated urself. Just make ds write up mo’ publicly available

  11. I personally believe this is a show of bad, corrupt and fearless followership and leadership… My advise to you, … Take the case up. Get a good lawyer, sue all involved parties to court not for money or compensations but for infiltration and stealing of your ideas

  12. Eldee, I would suggest suing! Worst case scenario-nothing comes of it but you will have nonetheless made a point. Misrepresentation on such a large scale neccesitates a tough stance. Wishing you all the best!

  13. Eldee, wait until GEJ loses and sue them. This is disgusting.

    My sincere Prayer, May the life,family and entire affairs of all those who will vote and support PDP be run the way PDP is running Nigeria. Let them say Amen to this !!

  14. I feel ur pain my bro. For anyone that is creative the word “HIJACK” is nothing new in this country. A lot of such crimes are committed everyday in Nigeria because we don’t have a proper structure in place to address issues regarding copy rights and patents. It is sad and disappointing that a president and his campaign team have stooped so low as to employing such hideous tactics. Is this to be taken as a sign of the type of leadership that we should expect from GEJ? What is even worse is that some member/s of your initiative sold their birthrights to this betrayal. I truly hope you don’t tow the same line, El Dee. Stand for what you represent or you will bow for anything.

  15. Clearly he was “slyed” & has every rite 2 b angry abt it. He also hs a ryt 2 wlk up 2 d GEJ campaign committee 2 say “it ws my initiative” & he’ll get paid double 4 it. El isn’t even askn 2 let d political comm knw dt he started “our time”. He’s teln us Nigerian youths, u & I dt he didn’t sell our future 2 ‘lucky’ thieves. He doesn’t wnt anytn in return. Just fight 4 what is urs -Ur right 2 choose ur leader. Dt seat in Aso rock is ours. We shall choose who occupies it, not ‘luck’.

  16. May God bless u and continue to guide u to lead in these times of dishonest and unpatriotic Leaders. Its so sad, referring to the days before the voters registration when excitement was every where, today see what GEJ has lead us to when he could have been the Hero by being an Umpire and not a player using and improving our laws while ensuring Justice and fair play.

  17. Datz ma role model tlkn. We nim pple lyk u in diz country pple who stil blv in integrity. Eldee u jst made me proud

  18. its kind of stupid 4 people 2 do wat dey did bt eldee last paragraph is wat is killing dis country.(until dey do)dat means he wil b ok once he is settled n 4 d confusd individual dat said may d life of al pdp sup..may his/her own life b like d way tinubu is running acn.say amen

  19. Guy I dey feel ur pain. I wud just implore all nigerian youths to boycott dat show to express our displeasure at d 419 behaviour of our president.

  20. If all this is happenin b4 d so called goodluck becomes president d president, i fear 4 this nation.. Im so disgusted right now, i wanna puke on their faces.. They sure wont get my vote

  21. @Jen: u have a point…the rest of u speaking trash,I guess u didn’t read the last part of the note where eLD said “I’ll be glad to announce if and when I do but until then, I don’t appreciate my image and likeness being exploited for political purposes without my consent”….he’s just mad his concept was stolen without pay….

  22. Hey! Eldee, I feel ur pain, it hurts when 1 is betrayed in such a manner, suing won’t solve ur probs, its Nigeria, and u re dealing wiv d very corrupt in this situation, I will advice u stay still and leave all in d hands of God, and u shld continue to fight 4 what is right, we all know d country we are in, we the pple are our own probs, and if we can’t stand to correct them, den no 1 or nothing will, well take it easy, God knows best, and I believe he will 1 day pay u

  23. This is a vivid evidence dat GEJ is just an empty package!!!!!! So disgusting, feel ur pain eldee havin gone thru all dat, jst keep being the good nigerian u are….hope nigerian youths cn jst open their eyez and throw sentiments to d wind….we need good brains nt f**** goodluck

  24. eldee, i feel u mehn. i know u have good intentions for the growth and development of Nigeria. keep up the good work. But,my take on this is for everyone especially the youth to go out there and do the right thing which is to vote. If we succeed in voting out pdp,then we’ll be d better for it. Pls vote wisely…one love EL

  25. This is the way this country is. what wld it have cost GEJ’s pple to come to eldee and his pple to make the initiative work for him instead of this ‘armed robbery’ way. This just showed the kind of leadership we r getting if….
    @ jen & bonero, I don’t think that was what el dee meant at all. Read it with anoda perspective in mind. ‘Without his consent’ means kindly consult him b4 slapping his face on any newspaper and does not mean he’ll even say yes.and ‘I’ll gladly announce’ meant if he were in support of GEJ, he will come right out and say it!

  26. Nice one Bro! but u suppose know naija now.,it could even be the ones u discussed the idea with from the start that turned it around 2 make cash without ur knowledge.! One love

  27. Read this article carefully…it is an article of a frustrated irrelevant, recognition seeking artiste that didn’t benefit from all the endorsements of the campaign era.

    El Dee is pained and jealous of others, especially D Banj…

    who gives a hoot about him anyway,

    Ranting like a hungry guy…anyway for the records, it only takes relevance to be contracted for political endorsements….
    El Dee, go and repackage and be more meaningful/relevant, not by big grammar I can bet U didnt single handedly write.

    Give respect to people ahead of U, so U can catch up.

    Like it or not, GEJ is still the best candidate we have so far…(aside the PDP factor)

    Ribadu is a double standard guy, a pawn with no experience
    Buhari is a fanatical tyrant
    Shekaru,,,no presidential charisma
    Dele Momodu…no experience……………..who else

    so U beta plan to go back to Yankee when GEJ is declared winner and D Banj again performs at his inauguration.


  28. To the last comment; “Like this” I,m glad u signed off will ur other name, “FOOL”
    You probably never did anything creative in your life apart from bad-mouthing others.
    If you are a youth then you’re such a disappointment!

  29. i'm proud of you Eldee,its good to know that you have got other things like the countrys interest on your mind apart from just entertaining a cheering crowd.Nice one bro.


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