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Most of us have probably heard of the brilliant work Gov Fashola is doing in Lagos, and some of us have seen it, but for those that haven’t, here are some pics. I must say the lagos I see here is so different from what I knew growing up –  which was the center of excellence in disorganization and lawlessness. Good job Gov Fasho! Hopefully other governors will learn a thing or two from you and start doing some real work in the states.

Pics gotten from Linda Ikeji’s Blog.





























  1. This is not really Lagos. Who are you Jaguda people trying to fool. This is too nice.

    If it is really Lagis Big ups to Gov Fashola. Those buses actually look humane.

  2. Wow…Quite amazing…haven't been there in over 11yrs..Almost can't believe those are pics of Lagos…Big Kudos to Gov Fashola..Hopefully more Governors will follow in his footsteps….

  3. Please this is lagos island. Put up the pictures of the mainland so that people can see the slums that lagosians are forced to live in. A friend just got back from naija and sorry to say but Lagos is still the way it was when I left it – the Island gets preferential treatment and the mainland suffers ugghh.

    • U have a good point nij… Maybe the mainland is not as nice as the island, however u have to give Fashola credit cos the Island never looked this good when I was there… nothing in lagos looked this good.

  4. All these pictures are Lagos Island, broadstreet and victoria Island. I would say this just confirms the extent of the amount of money from Bola Tinubu and the previous crooks must have stolen … bastards!. Finally someone decided to share a tiny bit of it, I am still not impressed and I can not wait for these old pussy licking, money hungry, show off mentality bastard generation to die! and allow we up coming excellent minds to take over and let us show that cities in Dubai should be Ibadan or Nsukka while Lagos should be a mile stone far from them. Besides, Nigerians are mother efing smart, all the black pharmacist, Doctors and Engineers in Ameria, Dubai, Saudi are effing Nigerians

    Thank God awon boys that moved back home are placing positions all over the establishments gearing up for the take over.

    From Obasanjo downwards should be exiled, Awon Ole, thief barawo Oloshi Olori buruku gba!

    Ya'all that took pennies from that country's account shall be punished, exiled or shot on sight!

    • @Nigeria 2015: get involved and contribute your own quota, if you waiting for the old generation to die first, they will be replaced by the children who will even do worse things.

    • i see the sense in all u ve said but if u are planning to be one of those young ones to rule and make better changes then, change ur mind cos ur words tell alot of who u are even if u meant well. cheers my brother!!!!!!!

  5. This is really lagos and ppl…give the guy some credit. Who says its only island??? even popular oshodi is a different place entirely….ikeja too…and a lot of other places…by the of them pictures was d airport road at ikeja that wasnt so nice b4…

  6. This is only the island, the mainland is still the same! It's very annoying seeing that majority of the populace lives on the mainland. However, residents are hopeful that as change has come to the island it will touch the mainland as well

  7. Indeed it is Lagos, d most part is d juction towards Law school, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Falomo,Ajose Adeogun (more appropriately Zenith bank building), TBS, etc. But all this pics only shows dis str when they were just completed so it was clean, esp that of TBS were d BRT buses r packed. I hav 2 say this is not my REAL LAGOS.

  8. I spent my early years in Bariga. Went back recently and it still looks as downtrodden as it was when I left so this Gov. Fashola should be given partial kudos for his efforts; however, there is still a great deal left to be done.

  9. Great Kudos to a Great man, an achiever. At least he is startin from somewhere.

    And @IkeBariga, mind tellin me wat u hav given bac to this same Bariga tht moulded u to watever u are today? Wat hav u given bac to ur community, even the house, the room u lived ? Its all one moanin or the other.

    Wat has the previous gorvernors done? All the Baba go-slow Otedolas, the Akhigbes feelin funky with our billions in his pocket. Even the Tinubus ?

    Common now appreciate a Great man of achievements.

    • I agree with you… Our people can be very ungrateful sometimes. Considering what Lagos was before and the countless other places in nigeria that haven't seen up to 5% of the progress Lagos has seen in the past 2 years, Gov Fashola is doing very good. Is there work that needs to be done? Yes, but so far in 2 years, he's done very well.

  10. Word!!! i agree with Tee and IK, these are all pics 4rm the island. Have any changes been made on the mainland? I love Fashola still, he is da best Governor lagos state has had so far Good work!

  11. Demola Fashola recently put up some pis of some mainland places. . . . is there an email ican send them to? I'll pirate them from his facebook.

  12. I've lived in Lagos for more than 15 years now, and I make bold to say that this is the absolute BEST Lagos!

    It's NOT yet perfect, but Mr. Babatunde R. Fashola and his team have done and are doing a remarkable job of transforming not only Lagos the City, but the entire state into model for all other states and Governors in Nigeria should emulate.

    We should not be too quick to condemn or pass an unrealistic assessment on the work done so far in Lagos. Let us all remember that even Rome wasn't built (or burnt, for that matter) in a day!

    I'd say, "more power to BRF and his team!" and "Eko o ni baje o!".

    For those who'd like to see more (recent) photographs of the new, emerging Lagos, visit my blog http;//

    As we say here in 9ja, "photo no dey lie!"

    God bless.

    • Hello,

      I am a Nigerian studying in Europe and am in need of good pictures of Nigeria. I have been thru your blog and I must confess "wonderful" is too mild a word to describe your pictures.

      I am writing an article on Nigeria that would be published in a regional newspaper and I want to show them Nigeria is not all suffering and diseases as the media portray all the time. May I use your pictures to show our beautiful our country truly is? So they quit thinking we live in trees, and have baboons and hyenas as pets. (lol)



  13. I have travelled around the world and seen most of the major cities, I must say this is a giant step towards development.

  14. I saw the pictures but i didnt see the people of lagos. three of the pictures are the same place – tinubu square which is maintained by a private sector.

    second to the last is Ajose Adeogun, done solely by Zenith Bank.

    I am not trying to discredit the best governor in Nigeria currently. but we must, I repeat, we must not overdo it.

    What I see from the pictures you posted (strictly from the pictures, not my own assessment of Lagos) is that Lagos is a sepulcher, beautiful on the outside, putrid on the inside. The people of Lagos are dying from LASTMA highhadedness and Task force's excessiveness.

    Is this all N400b can do?


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