The list of the Senators that voted for girls underage marriage..One of them is already married to a 13 year old girl


This week, the Senate gave a legislative seal of approval for the marriage of underage girls. That means even a 5 year old toddler could be married off by her parents.

Underage girls should be Sent to school and not to infant marriages.
Education is the bedrock of every society, and the education of the girl child is as important as that of her male counterparts

Here is the list of the Senators that voted for girls underage marriage..One of them is already married to a 13 years girl..The others are probably warming up for theirs:
1. Sen. Abdulmumin M. Hassan (Jigawa South West, PDP)
2. Sen. Abdullahi Danladi (Jigawa North West, PDP)
3. Sen. Adamu Abdullahi (Nasarawa West, PDP)
4. Sen. Ahmed Barata (Adamawa South, PDP)
5. Sen. Akinyelure Ayo (Ondo Central, Labour Party)
6. Sen. Alkali Saidu A. (Gombe North, PDP)
7. Sen. Bagudu Abubakar A. (Kebbi Central, PDP)
8. Sen. Dahiru Umaru (Sokoto South, PDP)
9. Sen. Galaudu Isa (Kebbi North, PDP)
10. Sen. Garba Gamawa (Bauchi North, PDP)
12. Sen. Gobir Ibrahim (Sokoto East, PDP)
13. Sen. Gumba Adamu Ibrahim (Bauchi South, PDP)
14. Sen. Hadi Sirika (Katsina North, CPC)
15. Sen. Ibrahim Bukar Abba (Yobe East, ANPP)
16. Sen. Jajere Alkali (Yobe South, ANPP)
17. Sen. Jibrilla Mohammed (Adamawa North, PDP)
18. Sen. Kabiru Gaya (Kano South, ANPP)
19. Sen. Lafiagi Mohammed (Kwara North, PDP)
20. Sen. Lawan Ahmad (Yobe North, ANPP)
21. Sen. Maccido Mohammed (Sokoto North, PDP)
22. Sen. Musa Ibrahim (Niger North, CPC)
23. Sen. Ndume Mohammed Ali (Borno South, PDP)
24. Sen. Sadiq A. Yaradua (Katsina Central, CPC)
25. Sen. Saleh Mohammed (Kaduna Central, CPC)
26. Sen. Tukur Bello (Adamawa Central, PDP)
27. Sen. Ugbesia Odion (Edo Central, PDP)
28. Sen. Umar Abubakar (Taraba Central, PDP)
29. Sen. Usman Abdulaziz (Jigawa North East, PDP)
30. Sen. Ya’au Sahabi (Zamfara North, PDP)
31. Sen. Zannah Ahmed (Borno Central, PDP)….
32. Sen. Ahmad Rufai Sani (Zamfara West, ANPP)
33. Sen. Ahmad Abdul Ningi (Bauchi Central, PDP)
34. Sen. Bello Hayatu Gwano (Kano North, PDP)
35. Sen. Ibrahim Abu (Katsina South, CPC)..CKN


  1. Its barbaric hw can underage get marry, wat is did country turnin in2, imagine she is ur daughter ll dem allow dat, illiteracy has also contribute nt allowin dem knw dere right. Useless senators dat dnt ve meaningful thought 4 our pple may d wrath of God visit d satanic ones

  2. Well,I think this World is already coming to an end.those people in Senate house are not leaders but bunch of fools. They r there for their selfish interest and ulterior motives.

  3. I don’t care about other senators that voted but . Sen. Akinyelure Ayo (Ondo Central, Labour Party it s a shame on you and your entire family I am sure the people that voted you in have learnt their lessons now.

  4. This are all hausa’s you don’t have to blame them, some of them bought their way into power, a couple of them can’t spell well,cus if they sure went to school, they shud know this is bullshit!!!

  5. d earth (including Nigeria) is d Lord’s n d fullness therefore… FEAR NOT. Remember Herod in Acts.12:21-24, Belshazzar in Dan.5…

  6. i am nt surprised at d list of idiots from d north but pity the yoruba senator omo ale . God will visit them all,

  7. All these hausan senators are nothing but devil’s incarnate, bunch of idiots that will perish in hell if they dont make a U-turn in their satanic life-styles, bastards mtchewww!.

  8. What a shame but una suppose don know Nigeria, money goes round and these foolish senators sell their dignity for trinkets so don’t b so surprised, but non of these fools on the list will give out their under aged daughters….Shameful but I am not surprise

  9. Who’s that idiotic fool from Edo state, so shameful ur life is finished Oshomole beta do sometim about u and may d Oba hear this d wrath of God shall visit u in no time stupid idiots shameless senators my ass, Mr president wat say u

  10. This is 100% rubbish,i culd tins like this b happenin..this is unGodly..all those senators nid to b is bad dey nid to reverse d decision

  11. They’re foolish people and bastard .they will send their children to abroad for school. They are empty barrer flogging together

  12. Hm!!! D muslim leaders re absolutely nd completely big fools,4 voting again the implementatn of such barbaric,malignant,trenchant and inhuman bill;to be passed into law.It’s an abomination to our religion and a transgression against our god.dae can’t use their religion in vis-à-vis our words for them is;dae re fools,buffoons,blunders and nincompoop for such a phedophilia.


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