That Which You Want But Can’t Have


We all want one thing that we know is impossible to have. it doesn’t necessarily have to be money; which everyone wants, it may be love, happiness, peace, a vacation to a remote island, or just some space to escape the world and its problems and just have time for ourselves. Life is like an obsessive boyfriend/girlfriend that we get tired of at some point in the relationship, bear in mind we’re hopelessly in love with it. Everybody must die, we don’t want to but we must, its just the way life is, its a revolution on its own that we haven’t quite understood yet. some people love the way their life is, while some would give everything to change the way their life is, but one thing we should always keep in mind is, everything isn’t always what it seems, the happy ones outside could be the most broken ones and the sad ones that happy ones. the whole world is still a mystery in terms of how it operates, there’s always that question that lingers in the minds of people as individuals that are yet to be answered.

When it comes to love, oh my! its an entirely different story, relationships re like the pioneer to an individuals life. Love is something we always come across, its is one of the inevitable things of what we know as life, its just part of the human race. I like to think of love as a kryptonite… it can make or break you, and there is always that someone in the picture that just turns everything around. I’ve come across people in love, I’ve seen them in their happy states, where nothing matters but that special person, and I’ve seen them in their sad states; its terrifying, and then I’ve seen them in their broken states, God, its like a part of them is dead and gone, its like they’re a walking corpse with no use whatsoever.

In relationships we go through the hardest times in our lives, this is because we’ve become accustomed to being with someone other than yourself involved in your life that it becomes a war with yourself when you have to let that person go, hence wanting what you cant have. I don’t think its possible to fall out of love, I just think every love story has its time, once its your time, everything falls into place and the rest is history.


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