“That song is both a gift and a curse.” 2Baba speaks about African Queen


Nigerian music maestro and living legend, Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia, in a chat with Afrovibes Radio revealed that his 2004 released hit, African Queen, is both a curse and a gift at the same time.

2face African Queen

Reacting to a statement by one of the Afrovibes Radio crew who mentioned how much she preferred a newer version of African Queen which 2Baba performed in the movie, 10 days in suncity, 2Baba remarked:

“That was a rewind select update version. There are some of my old songs that I remade, they are in an album called Rewind select update, it’s part of it.”

Further talking about the impact African Queen has had across all age groups, 2Baba added:

“That song is a gift and a curse at the same time” when asked why he made such a remark, “It doesn’t want to allow me to grow” he quiped jocularly. “People see me and they are like, oh ‘the African Queen guy'”.

African Queen which is 2Baba’s most recognized song was at some point the topic of controversy between 2Baba and a former band member, Blackface. The controversy centered around who the original writer of the song was.

2Baba has gone on to gain international recognition and awards because of the song.


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