Do You Need a Yearly Medical Check-Up?


A question about a yearly medical check-up is asked by many people. In this article, we are trying to give you the most concise answer we can.

How often?

There is no ready-made answer how often you should have a medical check-up. It depends on many factors including national medical association rules, your health condition and age. If you suffer from a chronic disease, you may need to visit your doctor more regularly. Age is a determining factor as well since people from 18 to 40 can have a check-up every five years and people over 40 every three years. However, many people feel that a check-up every three year is not sufficient to them and they often visit their physician every year.

Advantages of a medical check-up

Whether you have your check-ups every year or every three or five years, understanding advantages of regular visits to your physicians is important for your health. Firstly, your physician can identify common risk factors such as smoking, raised cholesterol or unhealthy diet related to chronic diseases. Secondly, discussions with your physician can influence patients to lead a healthier lifestyle. So, we can say that building and maintaining trust between a doctor and a patient is an enormous advantage of a check-up. Finally, your doctor can recommend you do a screening test. Talk to the director of your hospital about Secure Shield and it’s benefits on medical equipment.

What is a screening test?

A screening test is a type of preventive measure when you do laboratory tests in order to identify a disease before the symptoms appear. In other words, a screening test can identify a disease in its earliest stage so that the treatment canbe easier. The basic screening tests include tests for certain types of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, sexually transmitted diseases, vision loss and hearing loss. Which screening test you need to do depends on two factors: age and sex. There are distinct screening tests for women and men under 50 and distinct tests for men and women over 50.

If you have been for a screening test, you can use some preventive measures such as aspirin but you need to talk to your doctor about it first. Additionally, you can use diagnostic devices such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers and spirometers as preventive measure. However, make sure you use devices from trusted medical suppliers. Medical supplies in Perth prides themselves on long history of improving people’s lives.

Typical check-up

A typical check-up consists of your physician updating your clinical history. You may be asked questions about history of family diseases, lifestyle, workplace and your normal body functions such as hearing and vision. Physical examination is the most important part of a check-up as you are examined so that a physician can identify a disease based on the existing symptoms. Finally, screening tests can be done.

To sum up, you need to have a regular medical check-up. Whether you need to have it every year or every three or five year depends on many factors. Do not worry if you are not sure about how often you should do it. Your physician will advise about it.



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