Simi bares it all on twitter


Nigerian singer, Simi on Friday march 5th, took to her twitter to talk about the challenges women face in the music industry, and how much of an uphill task it is for them to succeed.

Simi complained about the culture of unhealthy competition encouraged in the industry towards women. She wrote:

“Tbh some of the things I’ve experienced – specifically as a woman – in this industry. Lol. They will try to pit you against other women. Try to redefine ur value. Try to get in your head and remodel your self esteem. And I have even had it easier than many…”

The Duduke crooner lamented the pitting not being from the industry alone, the audience were also had a share of the blame.

“Ati executive oh. Ati audience oh. It comes from all sides. That’s why I f**k with any woman that is winning in this industry – because the hurdle is much, dear. Women can hardly get away with the kinds of things many men in the same industry get away with on a regular.”

Sadly, a woman isn’t afforded the luxury of complaining about her hardship, according to Simi:

 “When a woman complains about what she’s experiencing, I see many people saying, ‘What about so and so?’ Does she have 2 heads? To me, that’s unfortunate, because everybody’s experience is different. Your truth cannot invalidate someone else’s.

“For every woman that is making it, there are tons of women that have been broken. If you stand up for urself, ‘She’s difficult.’ If you’re not a pushover, ‘She’s proud.’ If you take time for yourself, ‘She’s lazy.’ If you ask for what you deserve, ‘She’s greedy’.” she caps it off “well, f**k you then”.

The singer then asks if anybody has ever thought of giving the woman artiste the benefit of the doubt for her seeming difficultness, given that she’s hard to fight her battles by her lonesome?.

 “Have you ever settled down to think that a woman might seem difficult because she’s the only one on her side, so she has to play all these roles? Fighting family, fighting industry, fighting stereotypes!

“And if you’re here to say, ‘Men also go through it.’ It’s true. Nobody is dragging suffering with you. I know some men have it hard, but I have never seen a mediocre female artist make it!”

Simi concludes by encouraging women to put themselves first in their choices, especially when it is down to a choice between themselves and the industry:

“Ladies trying to get ahead in this industry – be careful the f**ks you give, cos many don’t care about you as much as they care about using you; protect yourself. When it’s you versus the industry, put yourself first. Make sure your material is great and don’t ever stop standing up for yourself!”

We couldn’t agree less with Simi as the points she gave are as succinct as they are cogent.


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