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Written by Charly Boy

The Audacity of Mediocre (s)

Kai, we don suffer! Through the Murtalas, the Shagaris, Buharis, Babangidas, Abachas, Abdulsalamis, Obasanjos! We have endured, we have tried, but sorry o, we are none the wiser, rather, we are stupid. Abi?

The way I dey look the current campaign between APC and PDP, they make me weak, I wan take laugh ruin my life. Is this a joke of some comic script being played out? Why are we so addicted to rubbish, dem swear for us? The political arena of my dear country Nigeria never fails to amuse me. What was all the noise about missing or forged WAEC certificate when we should be concerned about the educational attainment of the candidates? Many in the National Assembly have just basic qualification. Shey they are the ones making laws for us. Oh!

It is appalling to think that our Constitution allows the minimum basic qualification for the highest office in my country: common secondary school leaving certificate!! Mbanu. Why?

For me, I think that is an insult to our collective intelligence. All of us wey go better school collect degrees no for worry nah.

What does that say to those in higher institutions clamoring for more knowledge with the hope of empowering and securing a brighter future? No wonder our institutions are falling apart, producing less than quarter baked graduates.

Corruption is not only about stealing funds. It is also about putting bad people in prime positions, people who have neither the passion (sincerity) nor the qualification (skills) to do the job. This form of corruption is crippling Nigeria’s development.

How many of us will employ a school cert holder to be manager in our companies? Even the small ME can never have a WAEC holder as my receptionist. Is that not the basic qualification that is required of a mere security man whose primary functions have nothing to do with guarding lives and property but mainly with opening and shutting the gates of our premises?

How then should we expect that anyone with that basic qualification can truly stir this nation to the great height that requires emotional and intellectual intelligence?

Shebi when we all go for job interviews, the eligibility criteria are always spelt out in terms of qualification, experience and specialization. If so, why can’t our Constitution adopt this?

If you ask me, I will demand that the minimum qualification for gubernatorial and presidential offices should be a minimum of a master’s degree with specialization in some humanitarian or social sciences. At least, that way, we will have a certain pedigree of leadership, not the current trend we see in our country where every riff rat with a political godfather or stolen wealth can vie for office. Enough of all this native sme sme.

But then, do I really blame them? After all, the intellectuals have left the running of the country to uncooked literates expecting them to make and implement policies that will steer us forward while we stand aloof and look! Kai!

Upon deeper reflection however, antecedents have also shown that holding a PhD does not guarantee effective leadership either. After all, we are in a country where honorary degrees can be acquired by the highest bidder. Utter gutter sentiments!

Cry my beloved country; for your core values that are being ripped out of you, cry for your future that is being eroded by the tempestuous wave of mediocrity, leaving a bleak glimpse of (no) hope.

The political debate was one of my favorite comedy shows, we saw some clueless politicians assaulting us with their clueless visions and murderous grammatical inaccuracies. Are these the bunch that intend to lead us?

Anything we see we should take sha, because if we resisted this from the beginning we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now.

Nigerian Youths abegi, we need a plan. I still believe that the future of this country lies in the hands of her exceptional youths, because the more our yahoo yahoo leaders prevaricate, the closer Naija is to implosion. Tufiakwa!

Let’s do something guys, before monkey go market no return. Any ideas?




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