Bella Shmurda’s new music video breaks the internet with nudity

Bella Shmurda
Bella Shmurda

Headies nominee and singer, Bella Shmurda broke the internet today 4th March 2021 when a snippet of His music video shoot surfaced online.

Bella Shmurda has been on location the past couple of days shooting a music video for His single titled Rush.

The footage from the shoot which surfaced online shows clips of bare chested women with very scanty covering. These quickly became a talking point among people airing varying opinions.

While some people feel the pictures are brilliant works of art promoting body positivism, others have taken the moral road.

Whatever the case may be, it’s going to take a miracle for this video to escape being declared unfit for TV by Nigeria’s Video and Censor Board.

Here are some of the reactions, read and give us your take:

This tweep was moved to tears, we don’t know what for though:

This is one of the moral crusaders:


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