Radio Biafra And Nnamdi Kalu, To Rage War On The Nigerian Government With New Terrorist Group


A radio station “Radio Biafra FM 102.1” mostly in South South and South Eastern part of the country which is owned by Nnamdi Kanu has called for support financially to help him purchase arms to rage war against the Nigerian government. Many would agree that the inception of the dreaded “Boko Haram” was not far from this as it has claimed the lives of many and caused ongoing  imbalance in the country.

Read his exerts below; As we call on the authorities to look into this  with immediate alacrity.

However, recently in June 2015 the Nigerian President Buhari ordered Federal Forces to bombard the creeks of Calabar (Biafra land) with Napalm Bomb used by the United States in Vietnam war, which was subsequently banned for its devastating effect of producing harsh chemical radioactive elements on contact with the human skin, which continuously burns the individual’s skin till it is totally ripped off. This bombardment was in the guise of fighting militants, whereas the Calabar region is never known for sustaining militants.

On this raging and peace disturbing issue, we as Nigerians believe we need explanations as to what is actually going on and demand that the government take immediate actions to curb the growth of the baby terrorist group before they become fully equipped.





  1. We want biafra & we must fight until they give us biafra & again president buhari is a nigerian vampire so he need to be eliminated. Biafra belong to imo,abia,enugu,anambra & ebonyi state & even the ijaws are biafra so we need to fight buhari the vampire to get biafra & ojukwu will be happy for ndi-igbo anywhere he is & again biafra is the rising sun may God help us to have our freedom in biafra land.thank you & God bless ndi-igbo.

  2. Ndi-igbo want biafra & no going back & we are tired of this man called president buhari who is a nigerian vampire & so we need to eliminate him to have biafra because he is holding our biafra

  3. Stop spreading fake news. Make inquires as a journalist before posting. IPOB is never a terrorists organization. It’s in more than 50 countries and has never been associated with terrorism. Don’t drag them into terrorism by circulating fake news and making things worst for everyone. LONG LIVE BIAFRA!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a pure garbage of course what do expect frorm backward and A deluded nigErian that are lower than a wild animal.

    Self determination has becom terrorist act in the eyes of an ill-educated and brown envelope journalist pathetic!

    All we’ve asked from that islamic state created by lord lugard and his girlfriend flora is to allow yours to have the right for self determination in peace but they knew at this time that clock is ticking cos all of you lazy fools that wants to leave out of the expenses the people of Biafra are leaving in wonderland as it stand.

    FYI moron when we decide to pick arms against that Islamic state call zoo nigEria we’ll definitely make official to the whole world cos we do reserved the fundamental right to defence ourselves from the murderous alamajiris and their cohorts ok.


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