Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi Kalu Arrested By DSS


According to the official page of Radio Biafra, its director Nnamdi Kalu has been apprehended by the DSS. The official twitter page for the radio station tweeted that its director was kidnapped by the DSS.

The story is still sketchy at the moment but, would update you as soon as we know more.

We would also recall that the NBC had scrambled signals to radio biafra channel about two months back.

See tweets below;


  1. It is unfortunate what Nigeria government did by arresting Nnamdi kanu; they only in one step(arrest) publicize Biafra a further step, and also given some world powers excuses to interfere, they also increased the agitation of these people(biafrans) and have given reason to their reasons and many more!!!!!

  2. Biafrans has take back what belongs to them it is our right to be free. We Are great biafrans & blessed nation.

  3. Nigeria government have just played into the trap of biafrans by forcely arresting,kidnapping & adopting, Director Nnamdi Kanu. This have made the rerestoration of Gods kingdom on earth the independent republic united state of biafran a success restoration of the great nation in the whole world called Great Biafran people of God we are unstopable, Gods bless biafrans

  4. Stupid set of ppl… their stupid leader should be prosecuted as a terrorist. Same set of pll travelling all arnd the world to do drugs and other stupid biz…. spoilin the name of our great nation now claiming Biafra. Wat nonsense.


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