Prophesy: Funke Akindele May Not Have A Child Before She Dies

Funke Akindele

A popular Prophet and founder of the Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, Prophet Dr. Olagorioye Faleyimu, has sounded the trumpet, warning one of Nigeria’s popular Nollywood actress Funke Akindele to pray against the spirit of bareness as she may never be able to give birth.

The Prophet said; “Funke Akindele needs to pray hard so as to have a child before she go back to her creator. She will be reeling in blessing and all good things off life. If care is not taken, she won’t have a child before she dies. The entertainment industry in Nigeria should pray that six super stars shall not die this year. They should also be prayerful and rely on God because in finding what they didn’t lose, they may meet their waterloos. The blessing from the devil will keep coming to them but they are going to come with unexpected calamities,” he predicted.

Recalling that some two years ago, the same prophet predicted a lot of events which had come to pass including the recent concluded presidential election.


  1. The so-called prophet should be arrested immediately for this prophecy and psychologically traumatizing the actress. This is arrant nonsense!


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