President Goodluck Jonathan, Promises To Handover The Country Free From Terrorism Come May 29th.


President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday promised that he will do all within his powers to ensure that all Nigerian territory still held by terrorists and insurgents are totally liberated before May 29, 2015.

Hosting a delegation from the Heads of Customs from the West and Central African Region of the World Customs Organisation, led by the Secretary-General of the Organisation, Kunio Mikuriya, Mr. President said he was determined to hand over a country completely free of terrorist strongholds to the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

Mr. President said; “We can now say two states are completely free from terrorist control, while in the third state, it is only in one Local Government Area that they are still present; that is in the Sambisa Forest,”.

Noting that the military had already moved into the forest to seize the terrain from terrorist, he said the recent rescue of about 300 abducted girls and women was further evidence of the success being achieved in the ongoing operation.

Speaking about his defeat to president-elect Gen. Buhari, he said;

“Our elections should be about where Nigeria is going. If Nigeria is moving forward, it is for the good of all Nigerians. My children and grandchildren will live and grow in this country and contribute to it. I always tell my colleagues to leave office when their time is up. We are trying to encourage African leaders not to remain in power as kings until death.”

Mr. Mikuriya commended the President for supporting the reform of the Nigeria Customs Service.

He noted that other African countries had already started emulating the vision, strategy, adoption to new technology and result- oriented training of officers that were captured in Nigeria’s reforms.


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