President Buhari Never Ordered The Arrest Of His Brother Inlaw – Garba Shehu


There have been rumors that the president ordered the Department of State Sevice, DSS, to arrest his wife’s younger brother, Musa Yola, over suspicion of fraud.

In an interview with premium times, presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu, reacted to these rumors saying;

“It is definitely not true, there is no iota of truth on this report there is no basis for the president to do that. As we speak, I am in the President’s office and I was with him last night,” he said.

Mr. Yola also said he has never been involved in forgery or fraud and has never been arrested by either the Police or SSS or any security agency for that matter.

He also said he has never been to any police station or SSS office as an accused person.

“I simply don’t know or understand who is behind these malicious rumours,” he said.

Reports posted online said President Buhari ordered the DSS to arrest Mr. Yola after he duped a businessman N300 million promising to aid him acquire an oil bloc.

The reports also said Mr. Yola had refunded the money and that he was granted bail by the SSS.



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