Pregnant Woman Accidentally Shot By Police | Angry Mob Set Zenith Bank On Fire In Abuja… Pictures


In another episode of an accidental, reckless gun fire, a policeman shot dead a pregnant woman in Abuja, on Monday.

According to an eye witness account, the Policeman challenged a taxi driver who was trying to make a U-turn in front of the bank and mistakenly released fire and killed a woman who was passing by.

The gun shot attracted the people to the scene who subsequently forced their way into the bank while employees of the bank escaped through the bank’s window and ran for their lives. Before the security operatives could be reinforced to the scene, the bank has been torched.

It is not entirely clear what the connection between the police and the zenith bank is as of now.

The Federal Capital Territory police commissioner John Haruna told journalists at the scene of the incident that the situation is now under control, promising that the policeman who allegedly shot the woman would be properly investigated and prosecuted according to the law.


Source: Sahara Reporters (Images), Daily Champion (News)


  1. Its a crazzzzy world we live in. Why do police men carelessly load their guns, never heard them kill criminals except for innocent citizens. So why load these guns @ all, esp since they can't handle one. Its really sad

    • Even if its loaded cant they put the safety on….?

      Half of this police men dont even know how to use a baton let alone a gun….

      This is just nonsense… simply put….


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