Pregnant British-Nigerian to receive Life Sentence for Drug Charge

Samantha Orobator
Samantha Orobator

Follow up on a story we ran a few weeks ago just wanted to update everyone.

A pregnant British woman accused of smuggling heroin into Laos was sentenced to life in prison, the British Foreign Office said Wednesday.
Samantha Orobator, 20, was jailed last August at the airport in the Lao capital, Vientiane, and charged with carrying about half a kilogram of heroin.
She is more than five months pregnant, and enters her third trimester on Saturday.
The circumstances under which Orobator became pregnant in prison remain unclear.
She told her mother she was not raped in prison and that the father is not a Lao prison official.
A newspaper run by the Lao government reported Orobator as saying she impregnated herself with the sperm of another prisoner being held in the same jail.
A spokeswoman for legal aid charity Reprieve spokeswoman said the charity did not know if the newspaper report was true.
“We haven’t seen her to confirm this, but are keen that this issue — which is irrelevant to the case — does not delay or affect the trial,” Katherine O’Shea told CNN via e-mail.
Orobator could be returned to the UK to serve her sentence. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell met Laotian Deputy Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith last month to discuss the case and sign a prisoner transfer agreement between the two countries
It looks like this womans tactic did not work out for her. Naija peoople get sense but sense did not win this time. She will be spening the rest of her life in prision if this sentence holds. The tragedy is that she will bring a child in this world that will never see her mother except behind bars.

Source: CNN


  1. I totally do not believe the story about her impregnating herself. how in the world would she get pregnant by herself? Is there some type of turkey baster the Lao prison system lets the prisoners have access to? These are the same people that made her sign a statement saying she was pregnant before she got there. Then what happened to that baby? How did she get pregnant again? She hasn't even been in jail for 1 year yet. Those animals raped her,and are now using the guise of a life sentence to keep the secret. Watch that baby come out half asain looking. There are some serious international human rights being compromised with this case, and I really wish the American government wold pressure the Lao government to allow the girl to see a lawyer. She hasn't had access to one since she's been there. Its just so freaking sad.

  2. Yeah Man… This babe should know better than to smuggle drugs to Laos… Asia & the Middle east have the lowest tolerance for smuggling drugs. With that being said, her treatment has not been very fair just for a drug charge & Laos is guilty of not having the most humane conditions in their prison systems.

    @ Ms. Kamson… wetin concern America with a british-Naija babe?… America doesn't have to do anything when Britain wont. She's a citizen of the UK… they should help her… and also I'm still a bit suspect as if she got raped or if she got pregnant intentionally to escape the death penalty. Never put anything past naija folks…lol.

  3. Scroll their zero tolerance thats too much, you gon lock someone up for the rest of there life cause they smuggled drug.


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