Positive Nigeria

Members Of Positive Nigeria
Members Of Positive Nigeria

In the midst of our struggles in our beloved Nigeria, there are times when we see certain groups and organizations that step up and try to do positive things for Nigeria. These moments, give those of us who love our country dearly, hope that things will get better in the future and that the next generation will have a positive impact on our society. One of those groups that strives to make a positive impact on our society today is Positive Nigeria Inc. It’s a Non Government Organization (NGO) that is aimed at inspiring the present day generation and the future generations to believe that Nigeria can truly be great despite the multi-faceted problems we are passing through currently.

Positive Nigeria will be representing Nigeria in the forth coming “Youth Assembly At the United Nation” from the 5th-7th of August, 2009 and the team members from Nigeria, Canada , UK and the United state will represent Nigeria to discuss global issues that affects youths around the world .

Here is a brief summary of the group:

The primary purpose of this organization, is to re-enact the kind of dedication our past leaders and nationalist displayed in the early years of pre and post colonial period.

The organization hopes to focus on activities that concerns Nigeria mainly assisting the government in the reorientation process while inspiring a positive move towards the betterment of our nation.

Positive Nigeria will also work with the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offenses (ICPC) in Nigeria under the leadership of Justice Ayoola.

Other Aims are:-To provide an environment that supports Anti corruption in all aspect of the Nigeria society.

. To engage in public enlightenment focusing on the rich potentials of Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora through the use of Internet, communication, education and seminars and to spread the word of Democracy to the Future generations.

. To promote, encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship with ICPC and all other non-governmental organization.

. To serve as a forum for discussion of health issues and develop a policy agenda for the discovery of person living with HIV, cancer, and other related diseases and in turn provide healthcare support service within the nigeria society.

. Reassessment of Primary and secondary school in rural areas.

. To maintain its status as an independent organization under the ICPC.

. Appraisal of public health facilities in rural communities in Six Regions in Nigeria.

. To promote and maintain programs which enhance the quality of health care in the community, discourage corruption, encourage good governance, a sustainable democracy, build a strong and vital youth who would be future leaders of the country.

. To continue to campaign against corruption in Nigeria and elsewhere, building on the Future of Nigeria and speaking to Nigerians abroad about the rich potential in Nigeria.
. To sensitize youth about corruption and discourage them from indulging in corrupt practices.
. To influence the education Ministry to include “corruption” and the consequence in the school curriculum so as to enlighten the youths on corruption as been evil .
. Assessing the extent of Technological Advancement and its merits in Area of Communication in Rural Communities in Nigeria .
. Advocate for Creation of Micro Finance Infrastructures to Further Empower the Local content in Nigeria Viz a Viz Rural urban Migration in Nigeria.

For more info on Positive Nigeria please visit http://www.postivenigeria.org

Here is a link to a letter written from the President of Positive Nigeria to the Head Of State of Nigeria, The African Challenge.


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