‘I did not endorse Goodluck Jonathan’ Seun Kuti



Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti has come out state categorically that he does not endorse President Goodluck Jonathan. This came about after he made a statement about Buhari saying he wont vote for him, and it seems it might have been mistaken for an endorsement of Goodluck Jonath.

Here’s the statement he put out on facebook earlier today.

Please everyone disregard this news making the rounds about my position on buhari. I never told anyone not to vote for buhari. When asked I said I am not voting for anyone. Jonathan for his incompetence and buhari for personal reasons. Pressed further I told the journalist who is actually a friend until now sha that it’s personal he jailed my father an innocent man and I didn’t see him for my first 3 years suddenly that became I never saw my dad, and I said people shouldn’t vote buhari. What caught my eye is the fact that this bastards in tribune and union didn’t say nothing about not voting for Jonathan. So after all the back door approach didn’t yield any fruit they want to hijack my thots and words to support Jonathan. That’s just wrong and shows the incompetence of our media. I actually said to jail a innocent man is to be evil like hitler. Jonathan hasn’t jailed any innocent men I know of but he has let guilty ones like Abba Moro walk free which is just as sinister. Seyi I am disappointed in u and will never grant u audience again. This kind of bastardisation and manipulation is a curse on our journalism. I never said u shouldn’t vote for buhari. In fact it’s an indictment on the Jonathan regime that a man like Buhari has become the best , yes I said it ,BEST option to safe guard our nation at this moment in history. The fact that buhari looks good is a big shame to Jonathan who is the first president since Abiola the people fought and marched for his opportunity to govern and what did he do with all the sweat and blood we spilled for him in 2009? He just wanted to steal. Shame on u!!!!


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