Police Raid Of Lagos Strip Clubs (In Pictures)


I’m sure most of you faithful reader have already of the lagos state police raiding strip clubs in lagos and arresting about 33 strippers. Anyways… Here are pictures from the raid and outside of the police station. WARNING… Some of the pics are not very nice on the eyes so if u no wan see thing wey go blind your eye, please stop here.

Strippers Outside of the police station
Strippers Outside of the police station

Striped 5JPG
Outside the police station

Striped 1
Outside the police station

In The Strip Club
In The Strip Club

In the strip club
In the strip club

In the strip club
In the strip club

In The Strip Club

Pictures courtesy of Sahara Reporters


  1. It is stupidity of Nigeria govt to expose our citizen like this. Watch those people who patrodize them, it will be the lagos state senators, Local govt chairman and other politicians wasting our public funds

  2. well they called their se;f srtippers and they r showing what god has givim them so obviously it means nothin to them so y should we feel sorry for them or blame our nation or the police they r doing their work who knos maybe they ask them to cover up n dey said they dont want….abeg its wat they have chose to do oooooo

  3. Not that I am in support of people or places like this, if there are employment opportunities in this country, you will hardly see people patronizing or exposing themselves to such nasty places after all as at early 90s, places like this do not exist even if it does, it was not pronounced as much as it is today.

    Man must survive because something definitely has to go into the stomach to keep body and soul together.

    So our government should abandon their selfish attitude and ensure that they work for the masses that voted them into power.

  4. dis gals to me luk like galz between 20-24,it"s either dey dont have parents or dey r completly deviantsits not their fault though.its either dey shud be in skul (which most are on strike now)or be doing sumtin more dignifying 2 fetch dem a livin which in reality is not avalable


  6. This ladies haven't commited any crime, in as much i dont one bit subscribe to what they were involved in that's still a morality issue which cant be imposed on any one. It's something of personal conviction, they have the right to do whatever with their bodies(better to make the right choice) as long as they are not constituting a public nuisance. For crying out loud they were within the confines of a private property. It's really sad; the whole thing. The govt have no business with the girls at all, in case of noise pollution or any form of public disturbance, the place may be closed after several warnings and by a court of law, or a subponea given its mgt. This is not what this girls need, they need rehabilitation, acceptance, jobs and the gospel. The police/agents/task force too, instead of doing what their colleagues in other countries are doing, would rather prefer this kind of cheap show of force. The agents that went for the reconnaissance mission cant say they didn't indulge in some activity there, at least we know some of them did in empire those days. The bottom line; there's no rule of law in this country, no regulation!!

  7. Since the deed have been done one can not weep over spolt milk.They had their rights but now i want to challenge police force,clergy men and women to pick up this responsibility and induce a rehabilitation,mentally,psychologically and spiritually,session for the girls.They are still living,they have free will,but they should be shown a reason to continue living and not go back to the shameful lifestyle.

  8. Strip Club?? Are u Serious. This shit looks like hell to me, thought Strippers spose to be Dime Piece. But Fuk it tho Naija summer 2010, We live Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. these girls are above 18 years and they know what they are doing. it is their life so u people should mind ur biz or ever still ask the government to creat jobs and work. bull shit

  10. This pictures are very degrading. Still evidence of illiteracy this people have the rights to sue this $$$$ and even the Nigerian Police

  11. this matter at hand is very delicate and should be

    handled with wisdom…..

    if you release these girls now they will still go back to other clubs…..

    please find a job for them…

    or call a pastor…

  12. Where's the democracy? right to life and freedom to do whatever you want? some are senators and some carpenters,and why cant some be strippers?

  13. He without SIN let him cast the first stone…hypocrites
    Although, I support registration and regulation of these clubs. It is only a humane thing to do.

  14. This is the product of a failed nation. our leaders have failed on their responsibilities to the people of nigeria and inorder to cover their failure, they go around picking on the poor. The nigerian girl deserves more than this.

  15. All this blame goes to the govt. the leaders we've known since we were kids re still the ones in power,how would youths have the opportunity and space with there merits to have jobs to do, when the leaders only give jobs to their children and family members.the poor don't ve means to survive that's why they indulge into what fetches them from the reach,that's the reason some go into what the reach will patronize one of such is what this ladies went in to.No poor person wuld go into such clubs cos he cant afford.CREATE JOBS AND SEE IF MORAL STANDARD OF THE NATION DOES NOT IMPROVE>

  16. dont fight the stripper,fight unemployment.Im amazed that Nigeria can carry out such operation …when will it start one on corrupt gvt officials…i mean the country is rich but why is everyone not in almost good level…..they aint doing that by choice,its the only option and even if u arrest them,once released..they will be back on the job again…dont say stop without giving an alternative option(Kenya)

  17. @ Ekwensu. Sharia is an arabic word for law. every responsible government has to guide the way of life of its people if not this thin u c is nothing 2 wat may happen. it seams u patrnise such places or may be u r a pimp.

  18. Stupid Government,you want to blame this people for finding way to survive when you the fucking and animal in skin government are scrobbing every penny that Nigeria produced..Take care of the poor and stop putting them in jail for nothing sake,at least this people are finding their own way to survive since the stupid governemnt abandone every one.Fuck all ya wayo governement.Shame on Nigeria governenment.

  19. what a bad people are u igbo guyz all what u need is money.when u have your own country is good to do but in nigeria is bad,that is why sharia is good .provide jobs and security. not democrazy.this is democrazy in europe there jobs but yet they stil go doing it.all of u bad is bad.


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