Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA Speaks On Infidelity Allegations


Well in COZA abuja this sunday there was service and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo who was accused of having an affair with radio personality Ese Walters took the pulpit and conducted service as expected.

Pastor Fatoyinbo spoke to his congregation about the issue at hand, though he didn’t confirm or deny the allegations stating that there will be an official response soon.

See his statement courtesy of Linda Ikeji

…I am sure you have read a lot about me on Twitter and social networks. You can’t imagine how many people have called me…everyone is telling me, don’t talk, that is the painful part but because I am your pastor and I don’t like to take you for granted, I still want to bend it a little bit to talk about it. Even up until this morning, calls from everywhere, even when I switch off my phone, they call my associates, tell him to ignore it, he should just move on. Some have been to our land and they are like wow, we understand”

“Now read my lips, I know there are people here that are not part of our church, read my lips, we are going to speak but we are consulting to come out with a robust reply. Before then I will not say anything, but I owe it to you as members that have made me proud and have made God proud”
Church erupts into clapping & shouting…..

“One thing you can be sure of is that my wife and I love u.”

“Now you may sit down and say, why would they tell you that, in the first place. From this pulpit there are some things we don’t say. Maybe you remember that 2 years ago, we lost somebody in our family, I came to church, I preached, I danced, I didn’t say it. That was even deeper for me because my destiny is not in anybody’s hand…that loss was deeper for me than even this and I didn’t talk so don’t think it is a makeup. That is what we have been asked to do. When we asked God, God said be quiet. Thank you”

So after reading this, what’s your take?


  1. Remember GOD said leave judgement 2 me… Y r pple so interested in watz not diaz,am nt a ful pledged member of COZA bt d few tymz I attended d church I kno GOD dwells in d@ church… Let d man of GOD b n keep yur totz 2 yur self… Tanx!!!

  2. Actually, the title should have been “cosa Pastor refuses to confirm or deny allegations.” Because that’s what happened. Would it have hurt to say a simple YES or NO? Robust answer indeed.

  3. if he had said YES, u guys would open ur wide mouths to talk. If he had said NO u’ld hav also spoken so y dnt u shut d *uck up and beg God to forgive u for all ur sins. Like i always say, if ur blood was clean enough, God wouldnt hav bothered sending His son Jesus Christ to save d world. He’ld hav used ur blood to safe us. Argh! Wat a world, all u guys knw hw to do is sit down and critisize odas wen u r also guilty. As far as i am concerned, Pst Biodun Fatoyinbo is a confirmed man of God and as such, u guys should mind wat u say. Ese is jst a baby dat had allowed herself to b used by d devil. She is caused for life. I wonder hw much she was paid for all dis and i also wonder who’ld get married to such a shameless girl.
    I discovered dat d stupid cursed girl left dat church since 2010, so y’s she nw making noise and disturbing d world. All u finger pointers, wat if d stupid gal comes up tomr to confess to pastor dat she was used by sm1 to set him up? Wat would u do or say? would u b able to reverse all d evil tinz u said abt d man of God?U guys should b careful and watch wat u say. Do nt judge so dat u’ll nt b judged. Be wise!!!!!!!!

    • Y wud u say sum1 is cursed,y dunt u leave God 2 judge…and allow ur pastor 2 cum out wif a tangible answer or action and do u kno it isnt only ese talkin..I hrd anoda lady corroborated dis fct..

  4. Mabel….. You just left me speechless…… How could you be so ignorant of the fact that the Pastor should be hels accountable for his actions; to God, his Family and his Congregation. Open your eyes bro, and stop idolizing “men of God.” It is unhealthy.

  5. what actions should he be held accountable for MR, whr u there? No1 is idolizing any man of God here… Point of correction, Mabel is a lady and nt a bro. My dear, if derz any eyes dats meant to b opened atall it should b urs

  6. People should stop worshippinng pastors by Idolising them. Gosh! It’s so common in Nigeria. Seek to have a personal relationship with your God.

  7. Before i write anything, i want it to be preety clear that im taking sides with Neither PartyA or PartyB.
    I just want to share my thoughts on this.
    I’ve been preety curious about this whole story, a Lady coming up to intensively write about what she believes has been tormenting her for over 3 years, let’s be clear on this, on one of her Posts, she made mention of going to the elders of the church (COZA lagos), to confess what happened, and who also confirmed that the pastor has confessed to him. which personally I see as a first step taken by a matured mind!
    If truly there wasn’t a meeting of such, one would expect the elder of the church to come out and say “There was never a meeting of such” right?
    From what I see so far, this is a Lady who felt like she was taken for granted (not used) and who also feels coming up to make an open confession was a way to revive her soul since going to the elders of the church didnt yield a desired result.
    She had an affair with a Pastor (like she said), this went on for awhile, she realized this wasn’t just right, she wanted a stop to it, she couldnt understand how the people of God could be misled by a sinner she comes up to the world and said, “Yes, this is what happened, I’m not proud about it, but I just want the world to know what happening in the Christian society of today, I feel people are being used”
    Everyone could be tempted! (Jesus was), it’s possible (my thoughts) that this happened at a certain time, the Man of God fell out, and has since asked for Gods Mercy, and fallen back to his Grace (God is merciful), Maybe the devil has lost in his fight to ruin the church, and his last resort is to Bring back Sins from the past to hunt this young Pastors calling!
    It’s Persecution, the truth of this all is, God is not asleep, if truly Ese Walters is right, it could be an ugly Past that has since been bloted out by God (my thoughts again) or it could be an ugly truth that still exists in COZA, (cos Quite recently there has been another confirmation from an Ex-female member of that Church),

    This is a Case between ESe Walters, Pastor Biodun, COZA and the One True Living God, any other Opinion from any other Human being is just Hot air oozing from the butt of a Racoon, God is not sleeping!

  8. Dunt trust anybody…anybody cn fall.God is d only one perfect God ..dunt b quick 2 it is hard 2 accuse a person of one particular tin if he hasn’t b walkin in dt direction…evn d devil uses a person’s weakness 2 get him weneva he wants 2….na only God knos d person dt is truly servin him


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