Oil Spills In Louisiana? Why Should I Care? – CNN Covers Oil Spills in Nigeria

Shell workers in the Niger Delta

Oil spills in Louisiana? I could give a f**k less… I really could care less. I haven’t even bothered to keep track. I haven’t even bothered to hear what Obama is doing… or what BP is promising to the residents of Louisiana. Why should I care anyways? It’s the same thing that has happened in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria for the past 35 years, so why should I now get all amped up for less than 60 days of an oil spill in the America… Abeg make I hear word jare.

It’s a double standard that is playing out right in front of our eyes. Every year, millions of residents in the Niger Delta lose their source of livelihood, and means of feeding due to some oil spill or another, and no one says much. But when the militants show up, the CNNs, and BBCs are jumping all over the story. Have people even cared to think why the militants even started doing all the craziness they are doing?

Day 7 of oil spill in the Louisiana, and man no go hear word again. Everywhere you turn, oil spill this, and oil spill that. Please… I’m not bothered.

At the end of the day however, one has to look at things realistically. CNN is not going to bother to speak up for us if we don’t even care to speak up for ourselves. Why should BP care about Oil Spills in Nigeria if the President turns a blind eye to the crisis. If you don’t make strict regulations for Oil Companies in your country, then they’ll continue doing their dirty business and settle who they need to, and clean mouth. After all, it’s cheaper for them to settle a few officials than to endure a whole clean-up process.

Bottom line is the Nigerian Government does not care about it’s citizens. Kpom!!! The American Government does. And that’s why in America it is broadcast-ed all over, and Obama is doing everything in his power to make sure the residents of the affected region are compensated as much as possible and their pain is alleviated. In Nigeria however, our leaders are looking for what song to ban, or which football team to suspend, and getting 200% of basic salary on hardship allowance. Sickening.

Below is a video from Christian Purefoy covering the Oil Spill in the Niger Delta region, and although it’s good exposure for us, just like a friend of mine said, I feel it’s just another way to attack BP, Shell and other Oil companies. In his words, using, Tragedy to promote Propaganda.

PS: This wasn’t supposed to be this long at all…lol.


    • Nigerians don’t know d secrete binhed dis. When America predicted dat naija will be divided b4 2015 pple r saying no. D beginning is dis, GEJ ran 2 dem 4rm and said he doesn’t have experience 2 rule d nation and dey told him not 2 worry about dat. Dey worked out d strategist wit d south East and South South elders, inconclusive dat dey want break out, dat was d reason for america prediction.Dey started d moves by Boko Haram or do u think is hausa pple binhed d formed name by dem. Ask ursef what is boko haram and what r dey fighting for pls don’t sleep. Oil is deposited in Texas in America, have u ever heard any cowboys claiming dat oil belongs 2 dem. GEJ and others has bought many weapons togeda wit d ones in d hands of dos call militants. D money dey pumped in so call Amnesty program is billions of dollars not naira.D solution is dis! D plans on ground against dia plans is heavy more dan what dey tot my fellow Nigerians. Just get prepare 4 d worst is my advice. Dis is security report I’m giving 2 u all. Thank u all 4 taken ur time 2 read dis .

  1. abeg shut up, who ever wrote this should shut the HELL UP. If the american govt cares then what happened during katrina in 05? governments all over the WORLD dont give a shit about their people. American included….and they especially dont give a SHIT about fucking africans, much less Nigerians. Immigrants who come here are slaves, economic slaves, they make the so called economy go round. Nigeria might be worse than America in caring for its people but when you really get to the bottom of it they are all the same except americans like to be diplomatic about things.

    • America might not care like you say, but they at least act like they do, and care enough to do little things, or care enough about a reputation. Katrina was a situation where help "delayed" but it still eventually came…and look how much noise was made about the "delayed" response.

      In Nigeria if we got "delayed" help, that will even be good sef. The residents of these oil regions have been in bad shape for the past 30 years with promises and promises of fixing things… now how can u not look at America and say, at least they care small

  2. Forget about whether CNN picks up the story or not. If Nigerians don't give a damn about what's happening in Nigeria, then you shouldn't expect anyone else to either.

  3. Yeah I often wondered about that junk too. U know how many millions have been displaced in Nigeria over oil spill n here ppl r crying over dead fish n birds what bout the humans in Nigeria. Some major BS. Freaking fire n jail this oil companies already.

  4. well i dnt wanna ffend u but…….da oil spill affectd AMERICA. if da one ur talkinhappend in nigeria then dat has nuthin to do wit AMERICA. americans dont care about africans AT ALL. dis is not my opinion im jus tellin u how it is here

  5. yea the oil spill is important, but the media and the government are also using it to cover up what in the world is happening to America's financial situation. As soon as the oil spilled that's ALL we hear about, it gets more coverage than the financial situation. I'm not sure if they truly "care." I think they also have an ulterior motive as well.

  6. they act like they do because they have an image to uphold…plain and simple. The govt is just as corrupt so i don't want to hear it. Congressmen vote for pay raises and administrative assistants make 80k a yr just to sharpen a pencil or run and get coffee.


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