Oga Sir


Oga how far? Wetin dey happen… Ok I get some yarns for you. Some questions for you. Ok… This naija wey we dey, shey na like most populous country for africa. We suppose to be great nation abi, the giant of africa abi. Ok, no wahala.

Oga… why anytime wey I watch news, them go dey blow big big grammer say nigeria is the 6th largest exporter of oil in the world… Oga the world o, not just africa, but we go dey line up for drinking_water-nigeriafuel, we dey fight to buy kerosine. That one make sense to you? Check am now… If nah me own plenty plenty cow for my house, and then my family come dey struggle to find meat chop, the thing no dey jell now. How u check am? The land wey the oil dey come from sef, if you go there you no go beleive. People no get food to chop, the river don spoil finish with oil waste, and no kind of ammenities dey the place. NO light, no water, sometimes no fuel. And this nah the place wey the oil dey their own ground o. Na wa o.

Now anytime wey I open newspaper, I go see say them don catch one oficial wey don steal. Them go blow big big grammar, call am misappropriation of funds, or fraudulent activity, abi mismanagement of resources… dey try confuse me. me sef I go happy say them don catch thief wey dey steal our money. Oga, as I see am nah thief thief be dat. Thief nah thief. U agree? Next thing I go hear one big big judicial panel, then nah impeachment, and then next thing be say the guy dey yankee, or his family dey london. Then one day the man go come back again come be minister of internal affairs. How come when person steal orange for market, them go pour petrol for him body, begin burn am, beat am well well, but the minister wey still millions of naira carry xenophobiago put for swiss account go dey drive mercedez around. Somtimes sef them even get security for am. How you go dey protect person wey steal money from the people. How u check now? the thing no pure oga. Meanwhile people never chop since morning. Oga u know say some people balanced diet nah Okpa in the morning, and Akpu for night. Some people dey drink gutter water for this same country wey me and you dey. Una go build big big mansion, and people no get place to sleep. Some people dey sleep under bridge.

Anytime wey una sick, una go begin fly go dubai, go america, go london, go find better hospital to treat yourself, but common man like us now, when we sick nah JUTH we dey go, and even when we reach there sef, if we no get money to but syringe, and equipment then nothing for us. Nah there we go die. The money wey una dey use go better swiss, abi dubai economny for their hospital services, if una use that money build better hospital all over the place then no need to go london, or yankee for find treatment. How u check now? The thing no make sense?

The one wey till today me I never understand nah person wey be president. It be like nah the same people wey dey share the power for this our country. No be Obasanjo wey be army president for 1974, then im come enter again for 1999, and im vice president brother back then come be president now. I hear say Babangida wan run next, and even Buhari, and Atiku.. no be the same people wey still all the money before? Next thing I go hear nah say abacha pikin wan run. Afterall after all the 88 billion wey everyone shout say him steal nothin come happen. Him family still dey enjoy life up and down. Instead of police to go and investigate that one dem dey hear dey collect N20 for us for road. How the thing be now? Me personally, the thing no dey calculate for my brain at all.

Oga me I know say poverty dey everywhere for this wolrd o, but for country like nigeria wey we suppose get money pass most african countries, that poverty too much abeg, some few people dey see all the money, while others no get any at all. Oga… abeg begin explain, so that maybe I go understand… at least explain one in common language. Oya start…


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