Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie Kidnapped

Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie
Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie

Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has been kidnapped. The veteran actor was kidnapped on sunday on his way to an event in Anambra State.

Speaking in a telephone interview with NEXT, the actor’s son, Uche Edochie confirmed that the actor was being driven from his country home in Enugu in the company of his family members when armed men stopped the car he was travelling in.

Only Mr. Edochie was kidnapped.

Uche Edochie disclosed that though the incident was obviously financially-motivated and one of many in a string of recent kidnappings of influential Nigerians, the kidnappers were yet to get in touch with the family, much less demand a ransom.

Sounding very upset, the younger Mr. Edochie said; “our family is still in shock, and making attempts to contact the police; there is no handbook on what to do when your father is kidnapped.”

Source: 234Next


  1. This madness has to stop. How can someone be kidnapped just because they want to leave their house? Are we supposed to stay home and not come outside? The Government in these Southern states need to improve security. If not many of us Nigerians will forced to spend more time in yankie rather than going to my father's village.

  2. These crazy morraforkers shld be caught!

    We are accepting this madness when we shld be fighting it!

    Are we suppose to live 24/7 in our houses?

    This is not encouraging at all.

    Hopefully he is found,hale and hearty.

    But seriously, the govt. shld lift this strike. An idle mind is the devil's workshop oh!

    the crime rates are only gonna rise if youths rnt busy with school.

    • def stupid jobless idiots who wont go n hussle 4 demselves..God will surely punish dem and pay dem in dier own coins..stupid crazy pathetic good 4notin coniving fuckn morons!


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