Nigeria’s Growing Job Market (CNN Video)


I saw this piece somewhere on youtube, and decided it’ll be a good view. A lot of naija folks in yankee & across Europe recently have been talking about the possibility of returning back to Nigeria for good, and leaving the over-saturated job market in the west. Thoughts? Would you move back? What is preventing you? Have you moved back? What’s your experience if you did? Let’s hear it.naijajobmarket


  1. Very interesting story! However, as a Nigerian living in the U.S. I wouldn't move back 2 9ja right now. I have always felt that 9ja is a gold mind. It has beautiful beaches, a tropical feel, and lots of room for economic growth. The one thing that i need the most is stabilization of utilities (water & electricity) with those i may consider the move. As for now i dont mid working extra hard to pay bills M-F.

    Another thing that really bothers me is the way paid officials treat citizens with disdain. Police simple beat up anyone they want unless you have money. This drives me crazy. In 9ja money buys respect, to some extent thats fine but respect should also be given where its due! Love 9ja for now i can only stand it for 2 weeks at a time.

  2. For me I don't think electricty, water or other amenities are my problem. With enough money, you can solve those things. My biggest issue in naija now is security… that can't be solved unless you decide to be poor.

    I would love to move to nigeria if given the opportunity though. I think just the feeling of accomplishement that I would be contributing to nigeria in some way will be satisfying enough.

  3. I will move back in a heart beat if i get recruited by one of these multi-national corporations with a great salary!!! Get a good education people and move back home.

  4. Mehn…this is some major motivation to go home! I was in 9ja last year and I experienced things for myself but this solidifies what I've been thinking and considering. East or West, home is best…this economic crisis is a blessing in disguise for the smart & sharp people to make smart moves. I know the basic amenities is not readily available but let's be realistic…if you were born in 9ja, you were never use to steady water & power til you came here! I remember back in the days, if the power doesn't go out in at least twice a day, we get worried coz its a definite indicator that the next time it goes off, its gon be for 2 months!!! Rome was not built in day, we want the Nigeria we left 5-10yrs to be like the 200 yr old America, its NOT gon happen! My people…this is the Exodus of our time oh!

    • Very true… those of us that grew up back home and have family back home can't start forming that we can't survive without constant power and water… we'll do just fine. Some people back home are doing very well, and the cost of living is definitely cheaper than the west so you actually save a good amount of money… or you use it to chop life…lol

  5. Response to "Ugo"..

    That is like the most naive or hypocritical statement made by you from my opinion but you have the right to yours. U mentioned 2 issues that really made me laugh.. (1). Light and water issue(which i believe a true Nigerian in the post b4 yours had clarified.. and (2). About police beating up citizens. – obviously you haven't been in Nigeria currently and if you have, you probably were born out of Nigeria or you have spent more years outside Nigeria than u lived in Nigeria or you are just over-westernized (i made that up). But let me just say this.. police brutality in the western world and racism that i see everyday, police setting people up, and I was also a victim but thank God for a good well paid lawyer – i am free today, especially in the states is worse than what you describe about Nigeria. The rich here also get respect while the poor suffer police brutality- so many instances that you wont even see on CNN unless you are lucky to have a witness walk by and happen to have his/her cam to record and send to reporters… countless situation/scenarios and discrimination and drive-by shootings etc.. and you talk about naija brutality.. i laugh!! last point.. if you know your surroundings, learn your area, and know the law, you will never have police brutality in Nigeria..

  6. Hey guys whats up with you? How are you doing over there.. guys you have heard it all.. If you were born into the system ..then i see no reason why you can not make it with all that you have gained abroad.. come back home and start one or two businesses.. I have great idea and business plans but the problem is capital.. I could share one or two with you .. we could run it together.. who knows, it could be a bomb.. they are very funny business ideas but with a different packaging, it would be a bomb in the market here.. please holla at me via my IM-papylove07…or +2348058222672.Victor..


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