Nigerians React to Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa


The Nigerian community at large have reacted to the recent xenophobic attacks on its citizens in South Africa. Citizens in Abuja staged a protest expressing their grievances over the recent xenophobic attacks by marching to the South African High Commission in Abuja.

The protesters held up placards that read: “We have showed Africans and South Africans love, why are they attacking us?”; “#SayNoToXenophobia”; “Stop the killings, South Africa Act Now!”; “We are Africans”; “Stop attacking and killing fellow Africans in South Africa”; “Why are they killing fellow Africans and destroying their businesses?”; “Foreigners are not responsible for your joblessness, stop the killings now”.

Deji Adeyanju, one of the organizers of the protest, told Premium Times that his friends in South Africa are afraid to leave their homes. He said; “We also feel the plight of fellow Africans and foreigners who feel the same way,” Mr. Adeyanju said. “We use the opportunity to call on the South African government to act now.

“We are more concerned about the South African government stopping the violence.”

Mr Deji went further to speak about the disturbing pictures on various social media platforms showing the South African police abating the attacks on foreigners in their country. Now while others have called for the evacuation on Nigerians from South Africa, Mr Deji shares a different view as he explained; Evacuation may not be 100 per cent,” he said. “There are Nigerians married to South Africans and many have kids too; we don’t want a bad precedence to be set”.

“We are also trying to ensure that whatever we do or whatever fellow Africans do, they are mindful of the fact that their citizens are also living here in Nigeria and other parts of Africa; so South Africa cannot afford to be an enemy of the African continent.”

Another protester, Tolu Ebo said, “They have to stop it (xenophobia) now. The South African government cannot tell me that they don’t know the people that are involved in these acts. Their faces are all over the place. Why have they not been brought to book?

“This is not how we play diplomacy. No! They have to stop this and they have 24 hours to stop this.”

Before tabling their mission to the commission’s representative, the protesters were patriotic enough to sing Nigeria’s national anthem in a show of solidarity.

The commission’s political secretary, Sthembiso Shongwe, representing the South African High Commissioner, said his country was working hard to end the attacks.

The protesters demanded for firsthand situation report on efforts by the South African Government in bring the perpetrators to justice.

Mr. Shongwe said to the best of his knowledge, 84 people had been arrested since the violence erupted.

He said it was unfortunate the attacks were happening but assured that the South African government was doing everything possible to put the situation under control.

“These attacks, they are not acceptable because we are brothers and sisters but I can assure you that the government is serious in bringing this under control,” Mr. Shongwe said.



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