Nigerian Woman On Vacation in USA Charged With Felony Theft iAfter Lifting $2000 Worth Of Stuff


A Nigerian woman on vacation in the US has been charged with felony theft after she stole over 66 items at about $2000 worth of clothes and accessories from a Macy’s store in Overland, Kansas.

The woman, identified as Jennifer Akudihor, was on vacation from Nigeria and was shopping at the store shortly before she was busted. She was very apologetic during her first court appearance, and officers said she acted the same way when she was detained Tuesday afternoon.

According to a report from KMBC

“The officer in the report said that she was very apologetic and remorseful, and that does go a long way, and he put that in the report, so I think it does help in this situation,” said Sgt. Gary Mason of the Overland Park Police Department. “Everybody has a story. There’s always a lot of reasons why people do this, and it’s not for us to decide. It’s up to the courts and the judge to look at her case.”

Because the value of the items was over $2000, the case becomes a significant felony case.

It is unclear on why she stole the items, whether it was out of need for her children or just because she thought she would get away with it.



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