Nigerian Woman in UK Arrrested For Identity Theft


Oluwaseun Adenubi, a 30 year old Nigerian woman in the UK, has been arrested by the UK authorities and charged with identity theft. It was discovered that she stole the identity of another Nigerian-British born woman so as to have her needs and those of her baby, taken care of by that country’s tax payers. This is according to reports by Daily Mail.

Adenubi posed as Rita Ogunkunle to obtain free NHS medical care during the delivery of her son Moses, and also got a £3,500 payment in the process. In addition to that she has been receiving about £9000/year in state handouts while living in the east London suburb. 

She also allowed Ogunkunle, 32, and partner Michael Adebambo, 46, to register as Moses’s parents to get him free NHS care and a UK passport, a court heard.


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