Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Sacks 9 Ministers



Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has sacked nine cabinet ministers in what is somewhat of a shocking move. It is his first major reshuffling since he was elected 2 years ago.

Just over 2 weeks ago, seven of the country’s powerful state governors and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar formed a splinter-group in the PDP, and this has caused major tensions in the ruling political party, and you get the sense that this reshuffling is an effect of that move.

Among those sacked are the ministers of foreign affairs, education, science and technology, housing and urban development, national planning, and environment. The ministers of state – the junior minister for each office – for power, agriculture and defence have also been sacked.

A spokeman told reporters that the sacked ministers will be replaced soon.

What are your thoughts on this move by GEJ.


  1. Mr. President is confused. After the dinner in Abuja. He sacks ministers. Well A̶̲̥̅♏ happy with that’s of Edu. Abeg ASUU call off the strike

  2. Why not the minister for finance,nd the chairman needs assessment committee on dialogue btw asuu and the fed gov.badluck is a fool he get the directives from baba yrsday without using his knowledgia centura.bye bye 4 2015.

  3. Even in the syrian camp in the bible there was confussion when they lay an ambush against God’s people.Goodluck Jonathan will not know when he shall SACK HIS WIFE

  4. Now I no I hav a lion in the villa, anybody that fail to join ur train of transformation pls sack. we hav more than enough ppl who ar ready to serve in there father land

  5. am happy a with you Sir,i observed your Vision Ever since You was Sworn in when You said You want a Fresh air in Nigeria,i Hail You!i know You wil be Looking 4wd to Raise Future Youths GOD Bless Sir Jonathan!


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