Nigerian Man Jailed for Murder In London, 14 Years After Fleeing To Nigeria


A whole 14 years after the murder of an 18 year old student at a So Solid Crew gig, a Nigerian man, Adebayo Ekun, 39, has been sentenced to life in prison to serve a minimum of 10 years. 

18 year Marcus Hall, was repeatedly stabbed, beaten and stamped on after the concert at a nightclub in Luton in back in March 2001 according to Bedfordshire police. 

Although 5 others were convicted in 2001, Ekun avoided arrest when he fled to Nigeria. However, in February this year, he was eventually located in Nigeria in February as part of an operation involving the National Crime Agency and the Nigerian authorities and subsequently extradited to England. 

According to the Guardian

He pleaded guilty at Luton crown court on Friday. DS Mark Devine said: “The conviction of Adebayo Ekun highlights the fact that if you commit, or are involved in, serious crime such as this, there is no place to hide.

“Despite the passing of 14 years, Bedfordshire police has continued the hunt for the final outstanding offender to this vicious and brutal murder.

“This was a vicious attack that cost a young man his life. This group thought they were above the law, but violence is not acceptable and we hope this gives a strong message that we are committed to do all in our power to catch those responsible, no matter how long it takes.”

There is really no where to hide.

Back in 2011, Jessica Tata, was extradited from Nigeria and charged with murder after she accidentally set fire to a day care, and shortly after fled to Nigeria.


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