Nigerian Heroes


Yes this is inspired by CNN heroes. Too often we spend time focusing the negative aspects of our country and not as much time on the positive and the positive things people are doing.

There are a lot of selfless people, organizations, etc that bend their backs for the development of Nigerians as a people and it’s always a good thing to recognize such people even if it’s just on this platform.

So with that being said we are opening up a series on called Nigerian Heroes focused on the positives people are doing for our people and the country as whole. Everyday someone is making an impact even though they don’t ask for the attention.

Do you know of anyone or group of people making a positive impact and is worthy of being featured? Do you know of anyone who bends their back backwards to make life easier for the next person?

Send us an email to to nominate them as a Nigerian Hero with full details on the individual, and his/her heroic efforts and story. If we like it, we’ll have it featured on the website.

Let’s think positive.



  1. I love my country Nigeria, you are doing a great job for this site. Let’s see beyond our sight Nigeria. Let’s try to extract gold from the mud and stop complaining most times. I love my Country and GOD bless.
    Kind regards
    Bayonle Stanley Akingbule


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