Nigerian FG condemns SONY’s commercial featuring Nigerian 419 Reference

Prof Dora Akunyili
Prof Dora Akunyili

The Federal Government via Prof Dora Akunyili has condemned a recent advertisement on the Internet, which it said was damaging to Nigeria’s image. The advertisement it was learnt was allegedly placed on and by Sony Corporation, an electronic company based in Tokyo, Japan.

A letter dispatched to the company by the government said the advertisement by the organization creates the impression that Nigerians hardly do genuine business.

The letter signed by the Information and Communications Minister, Professor Dora Akunyili and dispatched to Sony Corporation through Embassy of Japan said the government sees the advertisement as an attempt to undermine Nigeria’s business interest around the world.

The Federal Government said Sony Corporation should immediately withdraw the advertisement from circulation and tender an apology to Nigeria for the negative campaign.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria has as a matter of policy put in place institutions and mechanism to rid the country of any form of fraudulent pracitises.

“Nigeria therefore, does not see the basis to single out the country as an example in that infamous advertisement,” FG said.

The government said the apology must be given the same measure of publicity by Sony Corporation in all channels where the advertisement, were aired.

While assuring investors around the world that Nigeria remains a major investment destination and a country where most business thrives in trust, good faith, competition, competence and integrity, Prof. Akunyili said Sony Corporation has operated in Nigeria since the country’s independence and has enjoyed tremendous patronage from Nigerians at home.



  1. I am not going to lie, Nigeria is not the most uncorrupt place in the world, but there is corruption bloody everywhere. Look what Madoff did in America. Because you see Nigeria as an easy target to hit, all these frickin' media companies are using the country (District 9 movie did the same thing, that movie was just sickening in their potrayal) as a caricature. Take that advert OFF THE AIR AND APOLOGIZE, IT IS WRONG (PERIOD) You have no write to be insulting a country (and everyone that lives in and is associated with the Nigeria) like that man. Sony you really overdid it on this one. Just because all your other previous ad campaigns have blown, does not give you the right to resort to insulting comments like that. It's sad for your company. Get rid of your current Ad sector, because they're all immature idiots.

  2. My God!!!! Nigeria have not Done 1% of the crime in America, what are we saying? Nigeria have not done internet Crime compare to USA, we are baby when it come to internet crime. the kind of Internet crime Americans do is Over High, Acquisition of arms and Guns by Teenager in America, is that not an issue for Media to carry??? why don't Nigeria Media concentrate on Highlighting American Fraud???.

    My Uncle Died where he was trying to come out with under cover news on American Teenage crime, but thy wouldn't let him expose it, rather they killed him.

    Na we dey fuck ourself up, All this oyebo wey dey Nigeria no body the Harras them, Nobody hate them because of skin colour. maybe we start that.

    i hate white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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