Nigerian Actor & Comedian Nkem Owoh (aka Osuofia) Kidnapped

Actor & Comedia Nkem Owoh
Actor & Comedia Nkem Owoh

Heavily armed kidnappers plied their evil trade in Enugu State over the weekend, abducting popular actor and comic star, Nkem Owoh, famously known as Osuofia in Nollywood movies. According to an insider, who spoke with Daily Sun, Owoh, unarguably one of the most popular names in the nation’s movie industry, was abducted last Saturday afternoon along the busy Enugu/Port Harcourt Road.

Speaking further, the source who pleaded anonymity disclosed that the abductors are demanding for N15 million ransom.

Confirming the sad news, which many in Nollywood are still oblivious of, Mr. Segun Arinze, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), said he received the news with a rude shock. “I’m perplexed,” he said.

He, however, promised to issue an official statement after due consultations with his executives and members of Owoh’s family.

It would be recalled that another popular actor in Nollywood, Pete Edochie, was kidnapped and later released by his abductors, a couple of months ago.

Nkem Owoh, from Enugu State, gained prominence in acting with his superb role in Kingsley Ogoro’s blockbuster – Osuofia in London.

Source: The Sun News


  1. I wonder if he will say “Kidnapper of my wife, you must not be very serious minded kidnappers” and use his Local Sense to get out of this one! This is just on the ground training for his next movie!
    The sad part is that being kidnapped is like getting a guest appearance on an african reality show. He has the money, so he will be ransonmed. I doubt those kidnappers will harm him. He will soon be released, so he can make some more money, to be rekidnapped. Distribution of Wealth!

  2. Ok who in the world has the name 'Ekwensu' Like seriously..If its a joke, pls end it oh!!!

    Talking about Nkem Owoh, I hope he comes out alive..he is my Nigerian best actor!!!

  3. Nigerain is becaming worser …Government should look into this matter because more is comming, I suggested that all uncompleted building should be checked, I wounder why such eminent…Upon all Police along the road, although they are for money and not for disturbing rubbers or kidnapers…

    There is no security in Nigeria because those kidnappers moves along road with there Gone, sometimes they will park the guns in 911 or old car. If Government cannot look into this matter, there will be war.Commission in Enugu should querried, police on duty should dismissed because they knew about it

  4. don,t blame no one but nigeria government.they re the source of our problem today.nigeria need revolution.those bad people.

  5. are there film acting schools in Nigeria? if yes what approximately do you think will be the fees and the requirements.

    concerning the kidnapping of the great Sofia,are the police still on an hectic investigation about the matter?


  6. hi. peter here a kenyan. Must say that you are true actor and you always keep me laughing. first i thought you surely fool at 40. keep it up sir

  7. osofia….is the best comedian in Nigerian movies..he always put a smile on my face..keep it up.let the kidnappers do there work and u should not worry because they will release you soon..i can imagine not seeing your movies..we need u so much to put a smile on my face…EVE from Kenya

  8. To hell to such quacks and half nut crackers they deserve prison once caught let the govt put stringent laws and protection – fan of osofia i love him byron frm Ug


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