“You guys are the reason P-square broke up” Peter Okoye blames fans


Peter Okoye of the defunct P-square has taken to his instagram to lambast fans over the split of P-square, a Nigerian singing duo consisting of himself and his brother Paul Okoye, the group was very popular in the early 2000’s up untill 2016 when the group split. ” you guys are amongst the people that contributed to the breakup. Two brothers doing their own thing, you try to say one is better than one. Una don get wetin una want abi?.” Peter Okoye said in response to a comment suggesting the group would’ve won a grammy.


Mincing no words, Peter addressing fans who asked for him to patch things up with his brother said,

“Guys, for those of trying to troll us or me that we would have won grammy, you’re fucking wasting your time. Fela was this, did Fela Win Grammy? so Why are disturbing yourself? The break-up is painful to you, it’s not painful to us. You guys don’t matter anymore. If You are a Psquare angry fan, You don’t matter anymore. It’s not about you guys anymore, it’s about us.”

He further highlighted the detriment of comparisons when he advised fans against pitching the favorites against each other citing the case of Wizkid fans and Davido fans:

 “You guys are doing that to Davido and Wizkid, maybe when they start taking arms and killing themselves, you guys will be happy. “ He said.

Watch the full clip here and tell us what you think.


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