News: World Bank Releases List Of Nigerian Looters With Billions In Foreign Banks

Late General Sani Abacha
Late General Sani Abacha

List of Nigerian looters released by World Bank. looted money discovered in foreign banks

Below are names of depositors in London, Swiss($) USA ($), Germany.

GEN IBRAHIM BABANGIDA 6.25bn 7.41bn 2.00bn 9.00bn

GEN ABUBAKAR 1.31bn 2.33bn 800M

REAR ADMIRAL MIKE AKHIGBE 1.24bn 2.42bn 671M 1bn

GEN JERRY USENI 3.04bn 2.01bn 1.01bn 900M

ALH ISMAILA GWARZO 1.03bn 2.00bn 1.3bn 700M

ALH UMARU DIKKO 4.5bn 1.4bn 700M 345M

PAUL OGWUMA 300M 1.42bn 200M 500M

GEN SANI ABACHA 9.01bn 4.09bn 800M 3.01M

MOHAMMED ABACHA 300M 1.2bn 150M 535M

ABDULKADIR ABACHA 700M 1.21bn 900M 471M

ALHAJI WADA NAS 600M 1.32bn 300M

TOM IKIMI 400M 1.39bn 152M371M

DAN ETETE 1.12bn 1.03bn 400M 1.72bn

DON ETIBET 2.5bn 1.06bn 700M 361M

MAJ AL MUSTAPHA 600M 1.001bn 210M

ANTHONY ANI 2.9bn 1.09bn 360M 1.66bn

BASHIR DALHATU 2.3bn 1.001bn 161M 1.43bn

GEN WUSHISHI 700M 1.301bn


T Y DANJUMA 300M 200M 700M



  1. All those individuals who stole nigeria money to save in foreign banks for use for their own selfish interest will certainly vomit more than they have stolen. The word of God says that there is season for everything underneath heavens. And I know and believe strongly that the time has come for nigeria as a nation to be restored. God has heard the cries of the poor, widows, orphans and other less-privilege in nigeria. All the looters of Nigeria monies, I want to tell you that the time has come for everyone of you including your family members and your children to give account. You people will not go free until you release every money you have stolen from Nigeria pocket. Are you not ashame of yourselves? Many people in Nigeria cannot even afford good medical care,, pay their children school fees or even eat two or three small meals in a day,but looters, you and your family members are enjoying thinking probably that you will not be caught.. You people will certainly vomit more than you have swallowed in Jesus’ name Amen. Waoooo. This is indeed very painful. Don’t you have conscious? The monies that suppose to be used to build hospitals, companies for employments, high-tech universities and colleges with low school fees and foods for the poor are what you stole and stored in foreign banks for your selfish utilization, I want to tell you people that you need Holy Ghost deliverance. You need to go and ask for forgiveness because you have indeed offended God Almighty. Looters, it is time you start to confess and bring out every penny you and your entire family have stolen from Nigeria pocket… If not you will find yourself to blame for the rest of your life.

  2. ang thing thing that go up must surely come dawn all these criminals must voimt all the
    money the stole from poor masses

  3. The day of reckoning has come, may endless sufering showerd the greedy ones if not repented and refunded our morney

  4. We Nigerians thanks world bank for release of looter in Nigeria and the money expected from this people should be more than what they have stolen because of the duration. also prosecution should follow. Allah yayi Mina magnin su ta Allah ba tasuba.

  5. Allah mungodema kakuma karemu kuma world bank munajiran sauran list din especially na maimalafa watau cabinet din ebele jonathan

  6. even the people u see everyday u think re innocent re not.for me i think every nigerian politician that ve been in political position re thieves.for me stealing public fund is sickness and he should be stoped by probing those who re involve and buhari regime can do it.thanks

  7. What a nation we are Nigeria,I cry for you Nigeria,our leaders are busy stealing national funds meant to develop the entire nation,funds to build classic universities so researche can be made to better our country,when we should be thinking of sponsoring space travels to discover new and better techs. We need leaders who are not really interested in politics with good records and heart.

  8. its very obvious how the north used the military to steal our common wealth,allocated oil blocks to them selves whereas the Niger Delta people that own the oil are wallowing in abject poverty,thank God the world bank released this list.

    i sincerely urge the world bank to release the more list because our state governors stole alot of money from 1999 to 2015.God will surely expose all of the thief executives

  9. Topic: if you are out there
    Message by: olayinka olumide
    If you hear this message whenever you stand. I’m calling every woman, every man. We’re the generatoin, we can’t afford to wait. The future stared yesterday and we’re already late. We’re been looking for a song to sing, serched for a melody, serched for someone to lead. We’ve been looking for the world to change. If you feel the the same then go on and say it for your people. If you are out ther, sing along with me, if you’re out there stand up and say it loud. If you’re out there today starting now. No more broken promises, no more killing innocent people unless it’s love and peace that we’re really figthing for we can detroy hunge, we can conguer hate put down the arms and raise your voice. We’re joining hands today. I was looking for sing to song to serch for a good leader to lead us to our promise land in nigeria…… God we lead us on amen

  10. Northern part is the most corrupt part of the country. Yet they cry the most that Nigeria is corrupt. They’re the major cause o our problems in this country. Eastern region equally had both military and civilian leaders during those times but none was enlisted here. They were suffocated bcos they were seen as obstacles towards their evil plans. God is watching us.

  11. What a uge task for President Buhari to accomplish? He will be a hero if only and only if,he can dare these lions and recover these monies back to nigeria for our country’s growth and development. May God grant him the enablement to take this country to the next level.

  12. World Bank thanks for a Job well done, You people need to do more those name are few from what I expected! World bank should exposed Jonathan and is caucus Obj, Mrs Alison Madueke, We Many thiefs as leaders World Bank are just selectives We want their names blacklisted so they can’t travel to any other parts of the globe so as to be seen as world criminals and Money Terrorist! President Obama and Others powerful World leader must act speedily !

  13. Wow! And we don’t have roads, electricity, good water…, hospital, schools and to crown it all we export our crude to be refined outside our home, graduates are roaming the streets of nigeria and abroad. God judge the generation of this thieves.

  14. and the said ibos are corrupt that they will take nigeria money if they rule …the movie playing in nigeria is in seasons

  15. judgment days for lotter
    you can escape God he just patients waiting for to change the Bible said righteousness exult
    nation sin is reproach to any man


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