National Planning Minister ‘Abubakar Suleiman’ Tells APC “The Magnanimity Of President Jonathan Is Not Cowardice”.


Thirty days to the Presidential handover, the Nigerian government has warned the incoming administration and the All Progressive Congress (APC) against forming a parallel government as President Goodluck Jonathan remains in charge till May 29. The government went further to say that, the “magnanimity” of President Jonathan should not be taken for cowardice.

This warning came as Gen. Buhari inaugurated a 19-man transition committee to ensure a smooth transition. After the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the National Planning Minister, Abubakar Suleiman, who spoke as a member and chairman of a sub-committee of the transition committee, said the government was concerned about some terms of reference given by the transition committee of the incoming government.
“We did receive from (the) in-coming government’s transition committee and some (of its) terms of reference which we looked at critically. And council did agreed that the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan remains the current government of this country. The incoming government should avoid creating a parallel government while the government is still on, we take exceptions to some of the terms of reference that look as if the current government is being stampeded or intimidated”.

He said Mr. Jonathan’s magnanimity should not be taken for granted.

“The magnanimity of Mr. President should not be taken to be cowardice and that is why Mr. President and indeed council members enjoined Nigerian people to see the olive branch extended to Nigerians and international community as a way of keeping this country intact, as a way of ensuring peace in Nigeria and as such whatever the outcome of the election, what is important is Nigeria’s national interest. And that national interest should be protected, enhanced and promoted at whatever level we are”.

“Council members also agreed that the terms of reference as formatted by our transition committee should be strictly complied with.

“When the incoming government takes over government they can come out with their programmes, they can come out with their own agenda, they can decide to come out with policies with the way they feel like,” he said.

He said the incumbent government remains committed to the various programmes and projects it is pursuing and the government will continue to do that until the morning of May 29.

“Government especially civil servants, directors, director generals should see this government as the current government and not do anything that will rock the boat so as not to put this country in a bad light,” Mr. Suleiman added.


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