“I DIDDY on my own” fans react to Burna Boy’s claim of winning Grammy by himself


Burna Boy’s earlier claim of winning a Grammy on his own, has sparked a debate on how much of an influence American record promoter Diddy had on Burna Boy’s recent Grammy win. A section of fans suggest Diddy was more instrumental to Burna’s Grammy award than is obvious while another section believe Burna would have done just fine without Diddy’s input.

Burna Boy in an interview with PGM radio, had made it known that the album had been at 80% completion before Diddy got involved in the role of Executive Producer. But, we all know a lot goes into making an album, besides recording in the studio, the distribution is a major factor that determines how well a record fares in the market.

“I wanted this [album] to build a stronger bridge between, basically, all people of color,” Burna said . “… The album was already about 80 percent done before I got Diddy involved. Getting Diddy involved — first of all — me and Diddy are now one bridge. Then, it’s like a tree; it just keeps going.

Burna explained that with Diddy’s help, he was able to connect with certain producers and collaborators — including Naughty By Nature and Timbaland.

“That’s the bridge… and it goes far beyond that… because — guess what — Diddy didn’t take no money from me,” he continued.

A critical look at the above assertions surely does give some credit on Diddy’s involvement in the project. But then it takes a sync of good production with excellent product for success to happen. Burna in a nostadamus-esque statement added this:

“I’ve been this person. If I win a Grammy for this album (Twice as Tall), it’s because it’s a great album — just like the last one (African Giant).” Almost as if he did see the drama coming.

However fans have shared varying opinions over the Diddy assertions, here’s what they have to say:

This tweep points to the fact that Burna had previously been nominated before the Diddy connection:

There’s lots of angles to spin this but we’ll let you decide what you think it should be.


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