House of Representatives Member-Elect, Abdullahi Gaya Supports Dino Melaya, Salary Should Be Cut By 50 Percent


Abdullahi Gaya, House of Representatives member-elect for Kano State, on Monday charged the in-coming administration to slash the wages and allowances of the Presidency and National Assembly by 50 per cent.

His call came days after a Senator-elect, Dino Melaye, pledged to lead a campaign for the reduction of Nigeria’s federal lawmakers, who are ranked the highest paid legislators in the world.

Mr. Gaya, spoke to journalists at his residence in Kano, saying the reduction in salaries would cater for the nation’s capital expenditure.

“In my opinion I think it will be better for all the elected representatives, beginning from Mr. President to members of parliament, to Ministers, to other Advisors and special assistants, to agree that what we will be receiving is slashed to 50 per cent,” he said.

Mr. Gaya, who will representing three constituency, Gaya/Ajing/Albasu, said for the country to positively change, the leaders need to sacrifice some benefits by reducing their expenses.

“Since we believe the country needs positive change we should therefore accept it as such. The slash in the expenses should continue till when our dear nation gets to execute capital projects. May be from the time we were inaugurated to another two years,” he said.

Mr. Melaye also said the government should use the funds realized from pay cut to develop the nation.



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