Happening Now In Nigeria!! Solar Eclipse Of November 3, 2013



Its the solar eclipse; Its happening right now! A contrast between the moon and the sun, causing a shadow like view unto Earth.
A total solar eclipse is now occurring. It is a hybrid eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 1.0159. Totality will be visible from the northern Atlantic Ocean (east of Florida) to Africa (Gabon (landfall), R. Congo, DR Congo, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia), with maximum of 1 minute and 39 seconds visible from the Atlantic Ocean south of Ivory Coast and Ghana. Places with partial darkening will be the Eastern coast of North America, southern Greenland, Bermuda, the Caribbean islands, Costa Rica, Panama, Northern South America, almost all the African continent, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Greece, Malta, Southern Russia, the Caucasus, Turkey and the Middle East. This solar eclipse will happen simultaneously with 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and it will be possible to observe a partial solar eclipse in Abu Dhabi before the sunset while the F1 race take place


Image source: wikipedia.org


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