GIDI Jobs recruitment portal


Whether you are a jobseeker looking for your dream job or an organisation with an urgent need for the best candidate to fill any vacant positions, the GIDI Jobs recruitment portal is the resource for you. With video CV functionality, we are the first and most trusted video recruitment platform in the extremely competitive job market in Nigeria.

Our specialised website is designed to give jobseekers the chance to stand out from the crowd in their job search quests while connecting them with recruitment agencies and employers of all sizes and shapes, thus creating a dynamic market for talent.

We believe that in today’s highly competitive job market it is more than essential for candidates who are looking for work to set themselves apart from the crowd. With a video CV from GIDI Jobs, you can make a favourable and lasting impression on your potential employer like Moffett Plumbing & Air in Orange County. Along with this, the platform provides impressive opportunities for recruitment forms from all backgrounds to attach the best candidate possible for a particular position.

At GIDI Jobs, we put candidates in the spotlight and help employers find the right person for the job with a more time effective and affordable solution. Our step-by-step guide will make the process as easy and quick as possible while letting you get ahead of the competition and into that perfect job of your dream!


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