Former Plateau State Governor, Fidelis Tapgun, Accords PDP’s Failure to President Goodluck Jonathan


Former Plateau State governor, and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Fidelis Tapgun, has said the failure of the party to win the just concluded elections, at the federal and state levels, was a result of President Goodluck Jonathan’s “impunity”, and his failure to rein in governors who hijacked the party.

In his words, hear what Mr. Tapgun had to say;

“Jonathan is an accomplice of the wrongs of Jang in Plateau state, every wrong thing Jang was doing in Plateau state, Jonathan knew, but he refused to caution him even after we intimated him.”

“We contributed and helped APC win Plateau state, and we are not ashamed of it, because we did it openly. At a point, PDP was turned into the president’s party, governors’ party. Governors became leaders of PDP at the state level, neglected party leadership; decide on who contests and who should not. It is not done like that anywhere in a democratic setting, party must be supreme,” the former governor said.

“Eight of us contested the governorship position in PDP during the primaries, but were rigged out, met President Jonathan and told him that we will not support his candidature so long as he did not caution Jang on the impunity in the party in our state.

“We told him that Jang has hijacked the party structure with the acting state party chairman, Raymond Dabo, appointing those they wish; elections at whatever level were no longer important, therefore we will not support PDP any longer.

“But Jonathan did nothing about; so, we did what we did, and here is the result. PDP has failed as a result of impunity of the governor. So Jonathan is an accomplice of PDP governors’ highhandedness,” Mr. Tapgun said.

Mr. Tapgun said the president only tried to reach out to them days before the presidential election, when it was clear not much could be done to reverse the damage.

“On Thursday before the Presidential elections, Jonathan called eight of us from Plateau state who earlier protested the PDP governorship primaries results, called and pleaded with us to support him, but we told him it was too late.

“On sympathy grounds, we guaranteed him our votes, which were just eight votes, because it was too late to convince anyone outside the eight of us to vote for him from Plateau state; we had told our supporters to vote APC both at the national and in the state.”


The former Governor who warned the incoming government to learn from the mistakes the outgoing government made said; “The failure of PDP should serve as a lesson to the incoming administration of APC, they should know that once you fail in your given responsibilities, you will be voted out in the next elections,” he said.

“In civilized society national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party Adamu Mu’azu should have willingly resigned, because he has failed.”

He however predicted that “PDP will bounce back again only if it changes it attitude toward stakeholders and the entire Nigerians”.

Mr. Tapgun said in frustration, he and other leaders of the party helped the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, snatch the north central state.



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