Dissed by Buhari? Wale Tinubu Denies Being Dissed by The President | VIDEO


President Buhari at the Corporate Council of Africa dinner in Washington DC 2 days ago was reported to have dissed Wale Tinubu, the CEO of Oando PLC. But  contrary to reports in the media that he was, Wale Tinubu said he was not dissed by the President.

Buhari expressed his lack of surprise at seeing Wale Tinubu… Read what he said here:

“I’m not surprised to meet the Chief Executive of Oando here. He is a very close friend of my big friend, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I’m talking about the Chief Executive of Oando, Wale Tinubu who is here. I am not surprised to meet him. But I was surprised to meet the Chief Executive of Zenith Bank; maybe he was brought by the Governor of the Central Bank.”

Watch the video from the dinner that has since been released.


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