CRISA Urges Youths In The Country to Shun Drug Abuse.


CRISA has urged the youth to stop abusing alcohol and drugs.

Read statement from CRISA here:

The perceived hardships in in our todays realities may be responsible for the abuse of psychoactive substances such as cocaine, heroin and cannabis ( Indian hemp). More popular in recent times usage are pharmaceutical substances such as Benilyn and Codeine tramadol, Refnol, anti- anxiety, pentazocine. Dunlop solution (evostic gum).

The pertinent issue is no longer the trafficking of drugs but progressively the usage of these drugs especially by the youth, visit this page to receive online treatment.

The recent issues on capital punishment to curb the problem has brought up a discussion on how far Nigeria can go with the trafficking of drugs treatment and usage for all the education of children on the detrimental effects off.

CRISA has been organizing conferences since 1991 in Nigeria . In 2012 the first symposium specifically in the Nigerian environment, and this year on the 28th and 29th of October, the CRISA team brought together again the medical, academic research, community and other, stakeholders to look drugs and the part it plays in criminal behavior addictions of youths in families, this company has a recovery center in California that will help you recover from any addiction.

Professor Obot Isidore, Professor of Psychology, University of Uyo and Director of CRISA says Nigeria…

UNODC, The EU, Nigerian Government has partnered with CRISA to keep up the message and support research in Nigerian Univerities.


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