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The other day I called a family meeting, in attendance was three of my
daughters, two from the United states (Adaeze/Margaret) who have
finished their master’s degree, looking for juicy employment, my
eldest daughter Yvonne, who more or less runs my business. My first
grandchild Olivia who is on vacation from school in Mauritius, my Mum,
my last son Charles who runs his own fashion business and doesn’t live
with me, my younger brothers daughter Nancy waiting to move in with
her husband and my wife Lady Di. A house full of women, hummm. The
main crux of the meeting was reinforcing their sense of responsibility
as long as they remain in my house and how we need to enhance our
bounding and the love we share by doing things that promotes a united
family. In short God blessed me with a good family.

Family is something that we cannot do without, everyone existing
originated from a family. The general expectation from family is love,
help, togetherness. Family gives us a level of safety, whenever we are
around them we feel safer…

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