APC Government Met An Empty Treasury – Rochas Okorocha


APC Governors on Tuesday called for the total “overhaul” of the Nigerian economy in order to save the states of the federation from imminent collapse. The call was made at the Imo state governors lodge, Asokoro Abuja.

Addressing journalists’ chairman of the APC governors Forum, Rochas Okorocha of Imo state said;

“The matter has become so serious that urgent action must be taken for a bailout for the states,” he said.

The Imo state governor further said there was the need for the economy to be reviewed and urgent steps should be taken to block all the leakages in the nation’s economy.

The Imo state governor said they have realized that what the states are going through is as a result of the poor management of Nigeria’s economy in recent times.

“The APC government has come to meet a near empty treasury and it has become very worrisome,” he said.

Mr. Okorocha, did not however, give specific details of how the economy should be overhauled.

The chairman of the APC governors’ forum also added that the meeting discussed the recent election of new leaders for the national Assembly and extended the forum’s congratulations to the newly elected president of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives.



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