Anti-Christ: Chris Okotie Defends His Statement On Catholic Churches



To kick off his campaign for the election, Chris Okotie, the general overseer of the Household of God Church had an interview with a correspondent at Punch. And don’t expect him to retract his statement, as he stood by his words even giving a more elaborate explanation.
In December 2013, he stirred up a lot of controversy when he made a startling statement that “Catholics will go to hell” and Pope Francis is “Anti-Christ”.

“It is because the church perverts the gospel of Jesus Christ and that perversion is located in the leadership. Even as Pope Francis recently announced. However, there are many good Christians within the Catholic Church who are not aware of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, that has substituted Mary for Jesus, in what is known as the hyperdulia of the Virgin Mary. Salvation for them is not through Jesus alone but in accordance with what Pope Francis recently announced to the world. That, in itself, is a direct violation of the sanctity of the scriptures.” he says.

On calling Pope Francis an Anti-Christ: “The heresies in their doctrine and the recent announcement by Pope Francis corroborate this position.”

On crediting tattoos and plastic surgery: “No, I didn’t say that. What I said is that even though it is our body and to an extent we have the liberty to do what we want with it, at the end of the day, everybody will stand before God to give account of how he/she used his/her body.”

On remarrying: “No.”

On if God has spoken to him about contesting: “God spoke to me about my participation in the political process, which was why I took the step in the first place. He has not said anything contrary.”

On why he doesn’t win even after getting the prophecy: “These election questions are inter-related. If they didn’t rig, then I could have won. Apart from election malpractices, the duty of a servant of God is to obey his master when he gives him instructions, irrespective of whether he fails or succeeds. Like Moses in the Bible, who kept fighting until Pharaoh released the Israelites.”



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