New Sectarian Violence in Jos Outskirts (Video)


WARNING!!!!!! This Video Is Graphic! If you have a weak stomach, please don’t watch.

This video came is from a source in Jos. Speechless is the only word I can use to describe how I felt after seeing this. Below is the message from the source.

Barely 2 months  after the sectarian crisis that engulfed some parts of Jos, The Plateau State Capital there seems to be no end in sight to the reoccurring crisis as residence woke up on sunday morning to news of skirmishes in Dogon NaHawa, a small Settlement in Shen Village Jos South Local Governmen Council.The scene of this attack is best described as Horrific to the scale of which has left most people in this area in the state of shock.

The attack which left over a hundred people most of which were children and women took place at about 2am Sunday Morning and pre planned against a particular tribe. Though the cause of this attacks is still unclear preliminary reports investigations show that this sunday’s attack may not be unconnected with reprisals from Fulani Herds Men who have often said their cattles are always targeted during any unrest in Jos. The Question now is for how long will Jos the supposed “Home Of Peace and Tourism” wil continue to witness incessant Violence and Negative Publicity as seen in recent times.


If you can, please say a prayer for this thing to end in Jos.


  1. religion is the worst thing to happen to the human race.

    how many innocent people and especially children have died in the name of God

    people need to wake the fuck up

    this is just sad beyond belief

  2. May Allah in his infinite mercy, have mercy on us, may the souls of those who died in this incident souls rest in peace, as Allah favour Ka'aba from other buildings, as Allah favour Zam-zam from other water, may He let peace rain in Nigeria, may He for give our mistakes, both living and late Nigerians


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