Nationwide Strike & #OccupyNigeria Protests Continue For 5th Straight Day


It’s no secret, the streets of Nigeria have been deserted and protest in many parts of the country have been met with larger and larger numbers as the days go by.

The NLC met with the President last night and no agreement has been met yet as both parties are holding their ground solidly. With that deadlock, the strike continues for a 5th straight day and analysts have estimated about N1 trillion has been lost over the past 4-5 days of nation-wide strike.

All local flights have been grounded and a lot of international flights have been cancelled with passengers stranded in airport and in some instances passengers have been sleeping at the airport to get the latest information on outgoing flights.

In all likelihood the NLC is ready to go as long as it takes to get the fuel subsidy reinstated partially or in full, so we might continue to see these strikes into next week.

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